Coffee Breaks

Coffee breaks are bi-weekly socials held by the Make Marketing team for all WordPress Marketing contributors, and occasional guests. Stop by and meet some of the friendly faces marketing WordPress.

These casual get-togethers can be hosted by anyone, in either Zoom or Google Meet. We do ask that everyone abide by the usual code of conduct.

Follow this Google Calendar with meetings, collaborations, and social activities. We also list important dates in this Forthcoming Diary Dates post.  

Facilitating a coffee break

Every coffee break has a facilitator who opens the Google Meet or Zoom, welcomes newcomers, and reminds attendees of the code of conduct. If you would like to facilitate a coffee break, these are the steps to complete:

  1. Comment with your interest and availability during the weekly Marketing meeting in Slack or directly in the github issue for coffee breaks.
  2. Once confirmed, add the date and time to your calendar.
  3. When the time comes, open a new Google Meet or Zoom room (please disable any recording features).
  4. Post to #marketing channel in Slack, letting everyone know the room is available. Here is an example:
    👋 Good day, everyone. The time has come, and the coffee shop is open: [GOOGLE MEET OR ZOOM LINK HERE]
  5. Keep the room open for the 40-minute scheduled time, or up to an hour.
  6. Post to #marketing channel in Slack, closing the room. Here is an example:
    This bi-weekly social is held by the Make Marketing team and occasional guests. Stop by and meet some of the friendly faces marketing WordPress. 👋😁☕

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Conversation starters

Conversation usually unfolds naturally, but if you would like to kickstart things, here are a few conversation starters:

  • When did you first discover WordPress?
  • What’s your favorite dance move?
  • What have you read/watched lately?
  • Have you travelled anywhere recently?
  • If you could instantly learn any language, which would you choose?
  • What is your most-used emoji?
  • What is your favorite strange fact?

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