How to Use Trello

TrelloTrello Project management system using the concepts of boards and cards to organize tasks in a sane way. This is what the team uses for example: is a list and card based project management system leveraged by the Marketing Team to keep track of many ongoing efforts. The team project lives here.

In this section:

  • Joining Trello
  • The Boards
  • The Lists
  • The Cards
  • Contributing to Existing Cards on WP Marketing Board
  • Creating New Cards on WP Marketing Board Wish List

Joining Trello Joining Trello

The Trello boards are all public and can be viewed anonymously. This is the overarching WordPress Marketing Trello board. Before you can contribute to the Trello board you will need to join the team. Join our SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at channel and let us know you would like to be added to the Trello board, and we will make it happen.

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The Boards The Boards

There are 3 boards we leverage as a team:

First Time Here – The tutorial board for new contributors to use to learn the basics of Trello and how our team leverages it. Please familiarize yourself with this board first.

Marketing Meta Team Management – Our Marketing Team Reps use this board to organize thoughts and ongoing gardening tasks that don’t fit well into the main working group WP Marketing board.

WP Marketing – This is the main board we use as a team to coordinate efforts across multiple projects.

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The Lists The Lists

There are 6 ‘lists’ which are the columns with headers and cards underneath.

Start Here Start Here

All the boards start with a “Start Here” list with cards to read before diving in. This list is static and only admins generally post here.

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To Do To Do

This is the list of project ideas that are ready to go and just need someone to pick them up. Most of these ideas have been discussed in the community in the Slack channel or in person at a Contributor DayContributor Day Contributor Days are standalone days, frequently held before or after WordCamps but they can also happen at any time. They are events where people get together to work on various areas of There are many teams that people can participate in, each with a different focus.

No need to wait on approval to work on these tasks, if unassigned and you want to work on one, just assign yourself and reach out to the ‘Task Lead’ listed on the description for more info if needed. There is no assignment queue, nor are these necessarily in any order.

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In Progress In Progress

This is where cards that are being worked on live while the work is in progress. Feel free to join any card, just reach out to the task lead. In fact, most projects could use someone to help out as it progresses.

Feel free to reach out on Slack to the “Task Lead” or anyone assigned to that card. They can get you up to speed and helping in no time.

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Needs Approval Needs Approval

Not everything needs approval, but sometimes things need special access to complete, like posting directly to The community site where WordPress code is created and shared by the users. This is where you can download the source code for WordPress core, plugins and themes as well as the central location for community conversations and organization. If you are working on something that you feel is ready to go and are not sure what to do next with it, it is a good idea to park the card here.

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Done Done

Everyone’s favorite pile. This shows what we have accomplished. If your card needed approval, the person approving the card will move it to Done for you.

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Wish List Wish List

This is where we write down our dreams for what the WordPress Marketing team should accomplish, soon or some day. Do you have an idea? Create a new card on on the WP Marketing board and bring it up for discussion in the Slack channel. Preferably during a meeting. Don’t hesitate to add new things here!

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Backlog/Stalled Projects Backlog/Stalled Projects

Sometimes priorities change and projects are going to be put on the back burner. Sometimes they are just going to lose all steam and languish. It happens. Life happens. And it’s OK. We park cards like these under this list, so we won’t need to worry about losing any of the work. Any of these can be brought back to life if you want to work on them.

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The Cards: The Cards:

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Contributing to Existing Cards on WP Marketing Board: Contributing to Existing Cards on WP Marketing Board:

  • Find a card that piques your interest;
  • Read the description and the comment thread;
  • If you have questions on what is needed next, consult the Task-Lead via Slack;
  • Update your progress by posting comments on card;
  • Please plan for at least one of the task members to attend the weekly Marketing Meeting in Slack to update the team on progress and clarify next steps. If you can not make the meeting, please at least post an update in the Slack #marketing channel. Trello comments unfortunately do not trigger Slack alerts (yet).

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Creating New Cards on WP Marketing Board Wish List: Creating New Cards on WP Marketing Board Wish List:

Anyone can suggest a new card! We encourage any and all ideas to be added. We have a specific list for all of the new suggestions that we call “Wish List.” No idea is too big or too small or too ambitious to be added here. The last part of every weekly Marketing Meeting in Slack is dedicated to bringing forth new projects to work on to be added to the To Do or In Progress queue. If you have an idea, please follow the steps below to add it in.

  1. Click “Add a card…” under the ‘Wish List’ list in the WP Marketing Board.
  2. Name the new card as descriptively and precisely as possible.
  3. Give the card an Objective, a clear example of what the goal is for that specific tasks on the card including where the final artifact that will be produced will be published, if known.
  4. Give the card a “Done = x” statement, which indicates the state when we know the card is completed. Examples include “Done = blog is published on the Marketing team blog” or “Done = PDF created and delivered to requesting community team”
  5. Name yourself as the ‘Task-Lead’ with your Slack username in the description so we know who to ask for clarifications.
  6. Use a checklist to break down the task or project into tasks and/or milestones. Checklists break jobs up into smaller pieces and help new people get started. It prevents a sense of overwhelm and it’s great to be able to check things off along the way!
  7. Be prepared to share your excitement about your idea and recruit a team during the next weekly marketing meetings.

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