Creating Meeting Notes

One of the ways to become involved in the Marketing Team is to take our weekly notes. Notes are a very import way we communicate with the team itself, the rest of the WordPress community and ultimately the whole world.

This is a great way for new folks to get involved contributing with immediate results and be on their way to earning their marketing badge.

Here’s what you need to know: Here’s what you need to know:

  • One of the Team Reps will post a link to the ongoing Google Doc for that year. It’s public and can be edited by anyone with the link.
  • In the weekly meeting, they will ask if anyone wants to take notes. This is where you can chime in. New people are encouraged to do this.
  • Be sure to include the Slack Timestamp at the top of the notes. The Team Rep may have done this for you. The timestamp is light gray next to someone’s slack comment. Right click and it will open up a new window that will show the whole meeting!
  • Because we include the Slack Timestamp, notes do not need to be exhaustive. Hit the main points.
  • Include your username in the bottom “Notes Taken by.”
  • Include the Slack Usernames of those who attended the meeting.
  • Most conversations will reference a Trello card, please provide the link to that card in the notes as part of the summary of that discussion.
  • Ping one of the Team Reps to publish the notes when you’re finished.

And thank you very much.

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Formatting Formatting

Trello Card Name
Trello Card Link
Task Lead


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Example notes: Example notes:

Navigating Trac for New People

@mcdwayne: We are awaiting Design to come back with graphics than I can make.

Dot Org Meta Descriptions Part 2

@bridgetwillard: I’ve accepted @jenblogs4u and @Joseph Dickson’s edits. The copy is frozen for now — Jen is going to do her final SEO Edit and then I will proofread. Then we turn it in.

For more examples you can read the blog posts and look for any post marked “Marketing Team Meeting.”