What’s our origin story?

The WordPress Community Marketing Team was born from an idea set forth by Sara Russo at WCEU Contributor Day in 2014 because she heard people were interested, that day. That spontaneous meeting grew and the team was launched. The idea was initially to form an independent team to be listed on make.wordpress.org as a group to promote the WordPress project and WordPress.org itself to the world.

The first iteration divided the focus into 4 subgroups, also known as the “The Four Horsemen of WordPress.org Marketing.” This suggested that we work on paths for marketing WordPress to developers, to agencies and clients, to end-users and the WordPress community itself as individual sub groups. Through mid 2017 the team saw heavy turnover and many initiatives start but there was a lack of cohesive communication.

In Summer of 2017 at WordCamp Europe Bridget Willard lead the Contributor Day efforts and suggested that we move to a more transparent system of working on the project together. After some research, Trello was chosen given the cost structure and flexibility of the solution.

After many months of small improvements the next largest shift happened at WordCamp US 2017, when under the leadership of Bridget Willard, we shifted to a single unified vision, which can be found at the top of make.wordpress.org/marketing:

“Our vision for the Marketing Team is to be the go-to resource on strategy and content for other WordPress teams.”

In support of this vision we’ve written copy for the About Page for 4.8, Tweets and Blog Post for #WPTranslationDay, Landing Page for Server Happy PHP upgrade project, Meta Tags for Dot Org Pages, and more.