Team and Leadership

The marketing team is led by the Lead Marketing & Communications for WordPress, Joost de Valk (@joostdevalk on Slack), aided by a team of reps. The weekly meetings are coordinated by Siobhan Cunningham (@siobhanseija).

What is a Marketing Team Rep? What is a Marketing Team Rep?

Essentially, this role involves coordinating or driving projects. Here’s a list of some of responsibilities included in this role as many reps make one team.

  • Review and answer people-based comments and requests.
  • Answer requests for new copy from other teams.
  • Weekly meetings (organize, assign someone to take notes, post weekly updates on the updates blog).
  • Moderate disputes, should they occur, between authors and editors.
  • Help onboard any and all new contributors.
  • Interface with the other Make WordPress Teams.
    Write and maintain documentation for our processes.
  • Aggregate ideas for new tools and features to help the team.
  • Organize events and remote Contributor Days.
  • Encourage team participation and growth in the WordPress Community.
  • Administer access rights to tools including Trello, Slack, and GDrive.

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How do we find/appoint team reps? How do we find/appoint team reps?

New reps are appointed by the Lead Marketing & Communications after consultation with the existing reps.

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Current Marketing Team Reps Current Marketing Team Reps

The following people are the current reps of the marketing team:

NameSlack ID
Yvette Sonneveld@yvettesonneveld
Harry Jackson@harryjackson1221
Jen Miller@jenblogs4u
Maedah Batool@maedahbatool
Mike Reid@miker
Siobhan Cunningham@siobhanseija

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