Agenda – Global Marketing meeting, 5 January 2022

  1. Welcome
  2. Attendees and new contributors to the channel
  3. Any help needed on tasks / with blockers / admin and team updates
  4. Update message from Josepha on contributing ladder
  5. Collaboration Sprint until about 16:10 UTC, followed by a review of draft content

Sprint details

The sprint will be to continue the collaboration on social media Marcomms for the 5.9 release. All teams are welcome to come along.

If you are working on a specific area, please can you update the meeting on any issues.

The field guide will be published soon with a link to the dev notes (as they are published) for the 5.9 release. This will be super helpful and with the About page, which was committed, yesterday will be the factual basis for the Marcomms / social.

Link to the sessions for the next two weeks on social (non dev and dev audiences) and helping to communicate FSE to a non tech audience.

More will be added to this list today. Please do add posts from the teams in the comments too.

WordPress 5.9 Release Candidate 1 is available.  Please download and test! You can reshare and encourage others to take part in testing RC1 on social media: TwitterFacebook.

Help test WordPress 5.9 features

Read the latest Developer Notes

What’s new in Gutenberg 12.2? (December 22, 2021). 12.3 expected soon.

A reminder of the revised 5.9 release schedule.

Join the discussion on 2022 release planning (December 27, 2021 post by @chanthaboune)

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