Make Marketing Workshop: Contributor Ladder

On Tuesday, 13 October 2021, a collection of Marketing Team reps and members attended a workshop with Josepha and Chloé to identify and map the various ways people contribute to Make Marketing. Everyone met virtually in Google Meet and a shared Mural board.

Attendees: @chanthaboune, @cbringmann, @webcommsat, @oglekler, @yvettesonneveld, @femkreations, @vimes1984, @nalininonstopnewsuk, @lmurillom, @meher, @callye, @dansoschin, @eidolonnight

Steps we took

  1. Josepha gave us a quick introduction to using Mural.
  2. We, as a group, added granular Marketing tasks that exist today. As an example, “People of WordPress” consists of numerous individual actions, each of which would be added as an individual card: draft copy, edit images, publish the post, etc.
  3. As a group, we sorted tasks into quadrants for difficulty and impact and then discussed their placement in the following order. These tasks were sorted based on how they are now, and not how we would like them to be. 
    1. High impact + high difficulty: These are tasks which are important to the WordPress project and community, but also difficult in that they may require a lot of time or resources like certain software.
    2. High impact + low difficulty: These tasks are high importance and relatively easy.
    3. Low impact + high difficulty: These tasks, while not typically important, do require substantial time and effort to complete.
    4. Low impact + low difficulty: These tasks are both low in important as well as difficulty.
  4. After organizing the first grid was complete, Josepha copied the cards to the second grid. We then sorted everything again, this time for access and knowledge required.
    1. High access + high knowledge required
    2. High access + low knowledge required
    3. Low impact + high knowledge required
    4. Low impact + low knowledge required
  5. The group had a few insights after this exercise:
    1. Most high-impact tasks require historical knowledge as well.
    2. The majority of tasks do not require high access.
    3. There is a good mix of impactful tasks which require neither high amounts of access nor high amounts of prior knowledge. This is great for new contributors, and we’re already seeing them take some of these on.
  6. The meeting wrapped up with the Mural board left open for additional comments and review, just in case we forgot anything.

Next steps

  1. Team members who could not participate live should review notes and the Mural for our next Marketing Team meeting.
  2. Josepha will review the Mural boards. She will be looking specifically at the types of tasks that are very high-impact, or have high access required. The goal is to have a healthy number of sponsored contributors to take these on.
  3. Josepha will observe how certain tasks could be re-categorized with different expectations and/or processes.
  4. These insights will be shared in a future team meeting and the Make Marketing P2P2 P2 or O2 is the term people use to refer to the Make WordPress blog. It can be found at
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