Notes: Global Marketing Meeting 14 July 2021

Link to the start of the meeting on the Make WordPress Marketing Slack.

If you are reading these notes on a website other than the Make WordPress Marketing blog, please contact us on the #marketing channel on SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at or via the team’s blog as we may not be aware of comments you add on other sites to be able to reply or help involve you.

1. Welcome, introduction, new contributors

These summary notes focus on key items and actions from the meeting and assist with an asynchronous contribution to the Global Marketing Team. For those unable to attend a meeting due to timezone issues please do join the discussion threads after the meeting and send your updates. 

Get involved – starter tasks for new and returning contributors, and those who have pledged to support the team and need assistance to get started.

2. Meeting Notes 

Props to @meher for drafting notes for Global Marketing Meetings dated 7th July 2021. 

Note: Please review and add comments in suggestion mode. These notes will be updated as appropriate.

A reminder to check the draft notes is circulated at the meeting every week. Please review and check your ID is listed on collaborations that you have actively contributed to. We rely on this to update the final notes and to put them into our charts to show where we need extra contributors, and how we are having an input and impact on the work assigned/requested from other teams. 

Rota for drafting notes:


You can volunteer to contribute to notes for future meetings. Please note that the initial draft is needed by Friday 17.00 UTC each week to help with actions and follow-ups that might be needed. We are excited to continue to expand our contributors who are helping draft the notes!

3. Tasks and Collaboration

Abha mentioned that there are two parts to our ongoing collaboration today.

  • Part A: Any more social media draft posts on the features in the release.
  • Part B: What is your favorite feature and why?

The link to both documents can be found in this slack thread.

Olga shared the post to WordPress 5.8 Field Guide

Abha mentioned that a couple of questions that have come in on FSE and whether this will be in 5.9. More details can be found in this slack thread.

Josepha mentioned that yes you can still help and yes you can still test. We’ve still got the #fse-outreach-experiment running and all are welcome there.

While there are some iterations, Josepha will be working with Matias to gather the most likely features for WP5.9.

Josepha mentioned that as a heads up, he has raised a flag about whether “full site editing” is our best term or not. Because WP5.9 is bound to be really complex and also have many user-facing changes, we’re hoping to get the big picture together early so we have a lot of time to raise awareness

People continued to contribute to different parts of the WordPress 5.8 social media drafts.

4. Diary dates

Next Marketing meeting

Wednesday 21 July 2021, 14:00 UTC – Global Marketing Team meeting in the #marketing channel on Slack.

Does your task need some time in the future agenda? Contact @meher and @webcommsat in the #marketing channel on Slack.

➤ How to get started?

We have a number of new contributors shadowing at the moment. So please do let us know if you would like some help.

If you were in the Marketing Team meeting and would like some extra help to get started to contribute to the project, contact @maedahbatool and @yvettesonneveld for information on future Contributors Onboarding events.

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