Notes: Global Marketing Team Meeting 5 August 2020

Published for @meher and @lmurillom


These summary notes focus on key items and actions from the meeting and to assist with an asynchronous contribution to the Global Marketing Team. For those unable to attend a meeting due to timezone issues, please do join the discussion threads and tasks on Trello after the meeting and send your updates. 

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Meeting notes

An opportunity was given for review of the previous week’s notes in the Google document. Once any suggestions are made, the notes are then added to the Marketing blog.

How can I help?

You can volunteer to be a note taker for one of further meetings. Please note that the initial draft is needed by the end of Friday each week.

Welcoming New Contributors 

New Attendees Welcome Thread: 

We have new people on our channel and are happy to welcome @aditisarker, @YashwardhanRana, @zastronautics, @Justinas Kundrotas, @tremidkhar and @joshuase

Tasks, Working Groups, and Team Celebration

1. Celebrations

Let’s give a huge shout out to the following folks for all their efforts and time which they have invested in getting the work of the team done.

  • Thanks to @Nalini @webcommsat @meher and Laura! for organising the Online Scavenger Hunt, that took place on 1st August 2020, and thanks to @majaloncar for allowing us to use the Zoom account for the Scavenger Hunt and some of our meetings.
  • Congratulations to the winners of the Online Scavenger Hunt: @aditisarker and @majaloncar 
  • A big round of applause to @webcommsatfor being awarded fellowship of the international CIPR for outstanding contribution to communications, public relations and the profession as a whole, strategic and innovation work, bridging between organizations/ tech and communications and taking into account her work with Make WordPress. Please join us in giving her a shoutout here and on Twitter!

2. Onboarding Videos 

Update provided by @oglekler

TrelloTrello Project management system using the concepts of boards and cards to organize tasks in a sane way. This is what the team uses for example: Card: 

The editing and synchronising work for these videos is tremendous and a big star of the week goes to @OGlekler for her patience, good spirits, and endurance with getting these to the finish line. These videos are being added to the WordPress Contributor Day Handbook on GitHubGitHub GitHub is a website that offers online implementation of git repositories that can easily be shared, copied and modified by other developers. Public repositories are free to host, private repositories require a paid subscription. GitHub introduced the concept of the ‘pull request’ where code changes done in branches by contributors can be reviewed and discussed before being merged be the repository owner.

Waiting to be published:

  • Norweigan@Martin Owren we are waiting from GTEGeneral Translation Editor General Translation Editor – One of the polyglots team leads in a geographic region Further information at to approve
  • European Spanish@vimes1984 & @lmurillom ready to publish
  • Bangla — reassigned to @technocrews to make captions
  • Brazilian Portuguese@felipeloureirosantos in progress
  • Italian — in progress
  • Bulgarian — in progress
  • Urdu and Hindi – update needed @rahuldsarker. @swetabhsuman8 will help with Hindi captions

How can I help?

If you can have a strong presenting voice and can help with doing voiceovers and liaise with your local GTE on translated captions for these screen recording videos, please contact @webcommsat, @OGlekler or @marks99

Examples of the step-by-step video guides to help new contributors set up accounts on The community site where WordPress code is created and shared by the users. This is where you can download the source code for WordPress core, plugins and themes as well as the central location for community conversations and organization. and Make WordPress Slack are here: 

3. Online Meetups and Marketing Survey

Update provided by @meher  

Trello Card: 

  • With the focus on 5.5 release, we have asked for space in September’s MeetupMeetup All local/regional gatherings that are officially a part of the WordPress world but are not WordCamps are organized through A meetup is typically a chance for local WordPress users to get together and share new ideas and seek help from one another. Searching for ‘WordPress’ on will help you find options in your area. newsletter and Month in WordPress for another promotion of the survey. 
  • We have gathered a lot of informal feedback too and some useful trends. We will pass any non-marketing information to the Community team. 
  • We continue to highlight the survey in a variety of channels. 

How can I help?

4. Online WordPress Meetup social promos

Update provided by @lmurillom on #OnlineWPMeetup

Trello Card: 

Thank you to @lmurillom for keeping the social promos updated up to 13 August 2020 so that these are available for team members to use.

Encouraging @chaion07 @MegPhillips91 @michelleames (she/her) @rahuldsarker @technocrews @swetabhsuman8 to help in the coming week as they have expressed an interest in this task.

How can I help?

  • If you can help with writing social media posts, please do reach out to @lmurillom.
  • If you don’t have much time or feel you aren’t ready to get involved with other tasks, please collaborate with keeping the Meetup marketing sheet updated. If you have any questions, please reach out to @lmurillom.

Diverse Speakers Workshops

Update provided by @webcommsat 

Trello card: 

@webcommsat and @nalininonstopnewsuk have worked with @jillbinder and the Diverse Speaker Training Group on a marketing plan to promote the support available across the year. We have been working on the materials needed to put the plan into action.

  • We will be focusing on getting the Marketing team wider members to utilize the social media packs. 
  • We are measuring how effective the marketing team is able to be in amplifying and targeting messages.

How can I help?

If you have a strong interest in promoting diversity, please join this working group’s next meeting in Slack. Additionally, please use the social media pack for these events because we need wider take-up for promotions from the marketing team. 

You can help amplify social media promotions. Search #WPDiversity on the WordCampWordCamp WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress. They're one of the places where the WordPress community comes together to teach one another what they’ve learned throughout the year and share the joy. Learn more. on Twitter, WordCamp Facebook, and Make WordPress Marketing Team on LinkedIn, and share the messages.

Are you experienced at writing social media messages for organizations or campaigns? And keen to support diversity in the WordPress community? Come and join the group working on the next batch of social media draft posts that need to start going out from early next week. If you can help contact @webcommsat  (@abhanonstopnewsuk on Slack) or @lmurillom

Updates from the 5.5 Q&As pilot

Update provided by @webcommsat

Trello Card: 

We are currently working on a pilot project to support the WordPress 5.5 Release. We have been bringing together questions from developer feedback and answering them in a document for each significant feature to be introduced in the forthcoming WordPress 5.5 release.

  • The initial drafts and research are being reviewed/fact-checked 
  • We have had discussions with other teams to help further this planning  
  • @oglekler, @lmurillom, @collinsmbaka have also been working on researching Q&As for non-technical end-users. @MegPhillips91 to help with the dev review
  • @YashwardhanRana volunteered to help – to attend induction

How can I help?

If you would like to get involved and are familiar with WordPress releases or a Dev who could help with this, please reply to this thread on Slack: 

Please be aware that there has already been significant work into the documents in a tight timescale, and we might not be able to include your ideas at this stage. So please reach out first before you put work into these topics.

Staying Connected events and activities

  1. Entries for the Poetry Challenge are now open. Closing date 31 August 2020, 17:00 UTC. 
  2. We have a Coffee Break on Thursday 13 August 2020, 19:30 UTC.
  3. Fun social quiz on Wednesday 26 August 2020, 15:30 UTC organized by @majaloncar 
  4. Other dates in the agenda are at 

How can I participate?

  • To find out more about our social activities join the Marketing Channel on Make WordPress Slack.

Collaboration on HelpHub

Presenter: @mikerbg (@miker on Slack)

Trello Card: 

Participants: @OGlekler, @webcommsat, @nalininonstopnewsuk, @MegPhilips91, @mikerbg, @YashwardhanRana, @Joshua Selser, @lmurillom

Task: Documentation is being moved from the old Codex and the categorization of articles that worked 5 or 10 years ago are not necessarily the same that work now. In order to continue with the design of documentation, the Docs team needs to define a new structure that is clear and fulfills the user’s needs. They would like input from Marketing regarding the re-categorisation of content and the audience segmentation.

The working draft of the Categories spreadsheet for the Marketing feedback. 

How can I help?

You can familiarize yourself with the background for this task by reading the following resources: 

You are welcome to ask questions on Marketing Team Channel on the Make WordPress Slack. You can join work on this project asynchronously, please reach out to @webcommsat (@abhanonstopnewsuk on Slack), @lmurillom or @mikerbg (@miker on Slack). 

Collaboration on 5.5 Q&As 

Presenter: @webcommsat

Trello Card:  

Participants: @OGlekler, @MegPhillips91, @lmurillom, @YashwardhanRana, @collinsmbaka, @webcommsat, @nalininonstopnewsuk, Laura, @swetabhsuman8

This collaboration continued later in the day.

Task: We are working on a pilot project to support the WordPress 5.5 Release. We have brought together questions from developer feedback and answered them in a document.

How can I help?

We are in a review/fact checking phase right now, so please reach out directly to @OGlekler, @webcommsat or @vimes1984 if you would like to participate. 

Next meeting

Wednesday 12 August  2020, 2pm UTC, in the Marketing Channel on Make WordPress Slack. Please check the diary dates for the coming week.

Thank you everyone who has joined, attended, and updated the meeting, or contributed asynchronously in the last few days. 

If you are new or returning to the Marketing channel and want help to get started, contact @maedahbatool. She will also be able to add you to the list for the next New Marketing Contributors Onboarding event.