Marketing Team Notes — July 17th, 2019

Today’s Meeting

Meeting Attended By: @miker, @Nicky Krastev, @jenblogs4u, @oglekler, @druvpandya, @harryjackson1221, @Maziar, @MichelleAmes

Notes Taken By: @jenblogs4u

Slack Timestamp

Task Lead Updates

  • @abhanonstopuknews — work with subgroups continuing on finalizing sponsors document to go back to community and answering new queries come in at WCEU Contribution Day
  • @abhanonstopuknews — Livestream document – speaking with Leo this evening on how we can involve those interested from last week’s meeting, and they will speak again with Community, WPTV and Training. Thanks, @bseekins we will get you a link this week. The document has moved and we just need to get an updated link from community
  • @abhanonstopuknews — contributor events marketing review meeting and contributor orientation tool next steps promotion: this Had to be postponed from provisional date of 2 July as many unavailable. Can everyone who awaited to be on this meeting please message me with potential dates and their time one (in UTC) and we will get a new date in the next few weeks.
  • @abhanonstopuknews — video recording set up document updated at WCEU: this has gone to WPTV member with some queries. Will advise when comments received
  • @abhanonstopuknews — sustainability promotion. This has been sent to WordCamp reps who had items and learnings to add to this from their sustainability efforts
  • @abhanonstopuknews — post WCEU contribution day updates from teams: @siobhanseija and @yvettesonneveld could I please have your updates to add to the information shared on the marketing table. This is to go with updates from all teams at the event.
  • @miker — discussed handbook card and @harryjackson1221 suggested it may be an old task. Is removal needed?

New Business