Gutenberg page changes

The “problem”

The Gutenberg page on /gutenberg/ talks exclusively about what we’ve started calling the block editor elsewhere. When you read that page you:

  • Could be lead to believe it’s the end result of the Gutenberg project;
  • Could mistakenly believe that what we now call the block editor is still called Gutenberg;
  • Have no clue about the next phases of the project, even though those are well defined.

Initial thoughts about a solution

After some initial discussions in #core-editor today I’m leaning towards a solution in the following form:

  • Move and modify the current page to be a page about the block editor that lives either under /about/features/ or as a subpage of /gutenberg/. I think the former is a better long term solution. The modification most needed is calling the thing block editor instead of Gutenberg.
  • On /gutenberg/ we should explain the goals of the Gutenberg project. We should link to that new block editor page but also explain Phase 2 and 3 and what we’re currently doing in Phase 2. We could then link this page from /about/roadmap/ too. This could be as simple as linking to initially or more if we have people with time and inspiration to build that.

I’d love feedback on all of the above in the comments 🙂