Team process

Hey team Marketing! Thanks for the warm welcome and for a lot of good conversations over the last week. A couple of things became clear to me as I was discussing with everyone, so I’m going to dive right in and make some changes.

We’re all working in different time zones and on different schedules, so it’s hard to always attend the weekly meeting. That’s why we’re going to try and have posts on this Make Marketing blog for every project and consolidate feedback there, instead of trying to discuss and decide everything in a weekly meeting. The meetings should mostly be to discuss blockers and to help projects move forward.

Project updates

Projects will sometimes be small, and sometimes they will be bigger. If they’re bigger we’ll form working groups. Those working groups can call their own meetings but are asked to have them in the #marketing channel so everyone can read along if they want to.

For the weekly meetings, we’re going to ask for “check-ins” from the different projects. This makes it so you don’t have to be there yourself if you can’t be: you just send our meeting coordinator for that meeting a few lines of how it’s going. If you need help unblocking anything, please put that in there too.

Meeting time

This is perhaps the most unfortunate for some people that are used to the current meeting time, but we’re going to have to change it. Even though the importance of attending has lessened with the changes above, I’d still really like to participate every week, and the current time slot makes that impossible for me as I have family duties at that time.

Our meeting coordinator will try to find a new time that works for most people involved.

Meeting coordination

Siobhan Cunningham (@siobhanseija on SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at will be our meeting coordinator and will (as she did in recent history) chair our meetings too. When she’s not there, she will ask someone else to take over that task from her that week.