Contributor Day Onboarding Guide – Training Team

Training Team Specific Contributor Day Onboarding GuideContributor Days are awesome. People are excited. Sometimes, though, the excitement is tempered by mild to moderate frustration with getting set up on all of the tools.

The Marketing Team made a generic one but the training team asked for a specific one.

Please feel free to download, email, print (responsibly), etc.

Contributor Day

The Training Team Welcomes & Thanks You!

  • Please bring your laptop and charger.
  • Please register for a Account.
  • Create a WordPress Slack Account.
    • Login with your account on this link:
    • Scroll on that page to “Joining the WordPress team on Slack” and enter your email address.
    • If you can, make your Slack and usernames the same.
    • After you sign up for WordPress Slack, the email associated with your Slack username will be [wporgusername] This is important if you forget your password.
    • Find the #training channel and join.
    • Bonus points for uploading a photo and completing your bio so people can recognize you and know a little bit about you.
  • You may need a Trello Account.
    • Our team uses Trello to manage tasks and lesson plans.
    • Sign up:
    • Training Team Board:
  • You may need a GitHub Account
    • Our team uses GitHub to build our lesson plans.
    • Sign up:
    • Training Team Organization:

More information is available on our blog at: