Marketing Team Meeting – February 28, 2018

Marketing Team Vision

Our vision for the Marketing Team is to be the go-to resource on strategy and content for other WordPress teams.

Getting Involved

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in, comment on posts, and participate in meetings and on projects. And, yes, you can add yourself to any Trello Card you’d like to work on.

Today’s Meeting

Slack Timestamp

This week was a busy one for The Marketing Team. We published two documents including SEO Standards for Internal WordPress sites and a Jargon Glossary for new folks.

WP Jargon Glossary: Published

Task-lead: @newyorkerlaura

@bridgetwillard reports featured image is done.

Published here. It’d be great to get some tweets of that with #MakeWordPress.

Contributor Day Handbook Rewrite

Task-lead: @bridgetwillard

@bridgetwillard reported submitting to @andreamiddleton and as far as it goes for us, it’s done, and awaiting approval. Part 2 will be moved to a new card under task-lead @bridgetwillard.

Gutenberg User Testing Videos

Task-led: @jenblogs4u

@cjross added highlight quotes to the reports.

Gutenberg Hype Video

@miker This is similar to the project @jenblogs4u is working on, but less educational, and more “hype” for Gutenberg.

@miker and @cjross would be very excited to contribute there, but may need some assistance when it comes to the actual editing

Navigating Trac for New People

Task Lead: @mcdwayne

@cjross will assist in this task, no hard eta, likely 2-3 weeks.

Odd Alice Case Study

task-lead: @harryjackson1221

@harryjackson1221 submitted case study, waiting on approval from @bridgetwillard or @mcdwayne

Suggesting Copy / Design for WP Showcase

@bridgetwillard Suggesting Copy / Design for WP Showcase is this Card.

@bridgetwillard Adding Case Studies, for example, to Showcase, belongs in this doc.

@miker will assist in identifying showcase sites that are no longer using WordPress.

@mcdwayne 300 word intros desired, @dushanthi will assist on this task.

Meta Descriptions for Dot Org Pages Part II

Task-lead: @bridgetwillard

@todd-inmotion  We might want to set the Standards before digging in on this.

@jenblogs4u Will take a look at both today. @Todd Robinson we can modify the meta pretty easily if the standards doc changes – just need to have the initial copy added.

@todd-inmotion Since the Titles, H1s, meta description, and probably some in page content will change, doing them at the same time may be best.

Create a Blog Copy Wireframe

Task-lead: @mcdwayne

@todd-inmotion We have a new Slack channel we are adding now – will be council-ops.

@bridgetwillard has a a “how to blog” blog post that could potentially be repurposed for this.

@miker volunteered to submit a draft, would not be able to start on that until next week.

@todd-inmotion included the situations visitors are likely to be in for Create a Blog. The plan is to add a new primary navigation “Guides” or similar that will have several of these new pages underneath them. These pages will get a lot of traffic.

@todd-inmotion There will be a new request coming for “Create a Website” in the same vein as “Create a Blog” – but I can put that in as well later this week or @sereedmedia will.  On the council side, we are working in which makes send to go first Create a Website or Create a Blog.

@mcdwayne We want to build a thing together after all :slightly_smiling_face:  Please convey this to the council.

@todd-inmotion  I will encourage individual council members to come in as Marketing Members to work through this system.

SEO Standards Doc for WordPress Meta

Task Lead: @bridgetwillard

@mcdwayne Looks far along in process.

@bridgetwillard moved card to needs approval.

@jenblogs4u will perform editorial review.

Published and pinged those who requested it in Slack.

Why WordPress – For Developers

Task-lead: @maedahbatool

@mcdwayne  We got an update from @maedahbatool   —  This piece is almost done. The first draft is ready. Now working on the featured image. Once it is done I will transfer it to the marketing blog and will ask @bridgetwillard to go through it so that it gets published.

Read and Format Survey Answers

Task-lead: @harryjackson1221

@harryjackson1221 @siobhan did an awesome job writing copy for the Manifesto Case Study, and I did some proofreading, this looks good so far, and just needs another set of eyes on it.

@mcdwayne moving card to Needs Approval

Marketing Brand Style Guide

Task-lead: @Jayman

@mcdwayne backlogging this card. We’ll pick it back up when Jayman is available.

End User Persona Doc

Task-lead: @RachelPage

@RachelPage We expect to have the Freelancer persona completed by EOD today. Then we will be working on the Small business Owner. Corporate Web Master interviews should be complete by next week mid week. I am going to be stalled a bit by web agencies.

@RachelPage I have found 2 willing to interview I would like to find 3 more. I am also updating our interview questions to more accurately assess a Web Agency’s use

Social Media Plan for WordCamps

Task-lead: @abhanonstopnews

@bridgetwillard @abhanonstopnews unable to attend meeting, update provided via quote:

For the marketing meeting today in case I can’t get a good internet connection for the meeting itself.

Hi @bridgetwillard we have some weather issues here and a lack of snow resources for this part of the UK which is causing some road issues. I may not have a good broadband signal to connect for the meeting but will try. @mcdwayne I have progressed the social media Trello card and have a couple of questions from last week which I have now got some answers on and will be able to update the Trello card with more information in the next few days. I still have some queries and I can’t get into Trello from my phone at the moment.

I was a speaker at a WordPress MeetUp this week and am on the organising teams for some of the WordCamps, and have found some nice examples which may add to the work we are doing in the marketing channel and on the social media. I also interviewed a member of the London team who would make an amazing piece for marketing. @bridgetwillard perhaps when I have written up a few of the pieces, we can chat about this interview and an idea I have had about written articles from interviews with a number of WordCamp organisers and volunteers which could be used to promote the WP community.

@mcdwayne and @bridgetwillard I started a Trello card for the piece I mentioned at last week’s meeting on bringing together useful videos coming out on WordCamp.TV. This also links in nicely with the social media opportunities piece and may help some of the others on video. Hope to join you all later, but at least you have my updates for the meeting!

Marketing Team Handbook

Task-lead: @harryjackson1221

@mcdwayne I’ll prioritize cards and get some perspective on what can be knocked out faster than others.

@harryjackson1221 will prioritize the card:

@cjross will be ready to present next week on subtask


Meeting notes taken by @cjross

Attendees: @bridgetwillard @mcdwayne @harryjackson1221 @cjross @abhanonstopnews @dushanthi @maedahbatool @jenblogs4u @siobhan @todd-inmotion @miker @RachelPage