Welcome to the Marketing Team. This is how we run our meetings.

Firstly, welcome.

We’re so glad to have you as a part of the Marketing Team.

We have four subgroups: community and three based upon personas. Each meets on a specific Wednesday each month, but you’re free to join any.

Each marketing subgroup has a lead. We would like to run the meetings with more direction and purpose. To that end, we propose the following.

Here’s our format.

  • We start the meeting at 1500 UTC.
  • The lead will ask if someone would like to take notes.
  • The lead will set the agenda for this week’s discussion.
  • Please hold any off-topic comments to the end.
  • Goal is to work on one single project, with artifacts delivered in GDocs, following the Trello Board.
  • The last 15 minutes we open it up for wishlist ideas and general popcorn comments.
  • Wishlist tasks get a card in the subgroup’s Trello board.

Reminder from Sara Rosso from April 20, 2016.

Some further thinking on last night’s conversation: we shouldn’t expect things (regarding marketing, for example) to act any differently than the rest of the WordPress project; it’s something which involves/impacts hundreds of volunteers and has potential impact of millions of users. Take ‘features as plugins’ and how features are developed apart from the core project, tested, and then integrated once they’ve had enough support/testing/feedback. A full site redesign may be an ‘ideal’ situation but it’s not really the world we’re operating in, and I think we can make small, actionable and impactful changes with the (tiny) team of volunteers who are showing up to work :simple_smile:
with that being said, *all suggestions and ideas are welcome*, just remember *this is a volunteer group* and suggestions should be framed in terms of what resources will be needed (dev resources? other teams needed for collaboration / review / approval?) and especially how the person suggesting plans to accomplish that – do you have volunteers and donated time already lined up? etc.