My leave and Bridget Willard, co-team rep for Marketing

Hey all, just in case you didn’t see I’ll be out on leave until the end of November, and won’t be checking SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at so make sure you direct any questions to #marketing in Slack. I’m excited to see what everyone gets accomplished while I’m out! I’m sure it will be great.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that Bridget Willard @gidgey is being promoted to co-team repTeam Rep A Team Rep is a person who represents the Make WordPress team to the rest of the project, make sure issues are raised and addressed as needed, and coordinates cross-team efforts. for Marketing and primary team rep in my absence. She’s been doing an amazing job and we’re lucky to have her time!

If you’re interested in getting more involved in .org Marketing, there’s always room for more leaders and doers!

Let Bridget know in the comments if you’d like to become more involved on the team so she can chat with you about taking the lead with meetings, notes, wrangling specific subgroups and/or projects. All we ask are consistency in your dedication and thoughtfulness in your communication – give what time you can, regularly, and let others know when you can’t. 🙂

I’ll see you in a few months!