Marketing to End Users – May 10, 2017 Meeting Notes

Slack meeting backscroll here.

Main things discussed

  • WCEU Contributor Day items
  • This subgroup – continue? hibernate? merge?

Since all marketing subgroups are putting together lists for WCEU workgroups, this group attempted the same. We have a pretty long list of proposed projects (see past notes) and few things in progress so really there’s plenty of choice and opportunity for the contributor day group.

A few which stick out:

  • Fleshing out and creating content for a proposed editorial plan (spreadsheet and related folder for doc drafts)
  • Creating videos for end-users – suggested by @bethgsanders – identifying some top topics and starting outlines for those short videos
  • Updating any Codex documents which have end-user features in them or are introductions for end-users.
  • and many more ideas.

Another discussion we’d love to have in Slack / here in comments / at WCEU Contributor day as well (cc’d @gidgey in Slack):

  • Prompted by the lack of consistent activity in this marketing subgroup specifically – this subgroup is the least-populated (though perhaps largest ‘constituency’ as end users) –@mcdwayne and I discussed whether or not this subgroup should hibernate / needs to be a standalone subgroup / rolled into one of the other, more active subgroups. We’ve had a lack of consistent attendance and contributions in the past few months compared to the other groups, and as I (Sara) will be out on leave for several months I won’t personally be able to stimulate the group myself in the monthly meetings.

Open to your thoughts and comments!

Recap of Goals/Scope: Marketing WordPress to End-Users: this subgroup focuses on marketing to end-users of WordPress: Site Owners, Small Business owners, and Content creators / bloggers / contributors. Information is more focused on the usability of the software, Features and integrations which will help them self-manage their websites, and information comparing WordPress to other website solution. (Read about the other marketing subgroups in The Four Horsemen of Marketing)