Promotional Strategy for WordPress Meetup Testimonial Videos

Promoting WordPress Meetup Testimonal Videos

During the April 5, 2017, Marketing the Community meeting, we discussed how we can promote the videos we’ve asked Meetup Organizers to upload.

Videos curated from this call to action will incorporated into WordCamp US site in “Human of WordPress”’ feature, as Laura brings up. But what more can we do?

Currently the promotions for the videos locate here are being done via a grassroots effort – spreading the word to record and share videos in individual and group accounts.

Some thoughts on how we can further our efforts are:

  • Promo video for WordCamps – compilation of Meetup video snippets
  • Alert the upcoming WordCamps that the videos may feature some of their speakers? It’s a good way to promote a specific speaker.
  • Can we look into seeing if there is an advertising budget to take it next level once we have compiled testimonials?
  • LIVE recordings of current Meetups.
  • Create a Handbook for the Testimonials so that it can help Meetup people determine what and how to video in regards to focus and quality and what to do once the video is created.
  • All resources need to be multilingual. Transcription would be good, too.
  • Send direct emails to Meetup organizers asking them to submit testimonials.
    • Who currently does this? (We think it’s the Community Team.)
  • Comment on Meetup pages asking them to contribute testimonials.
  • Publish blog posts featuring and requesting testimonials.
    • Publish where?
    • Who writes?
  • Auto-push to social platforms (we believe this may be already happening).
  • Create a social publishing platform (Hootsuite?)
  • More activity on a variety of social media platforms that is not BOT driven (ie: be more social on social media)
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram

So, we’d love your feedback!

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