Marketing Slack meetings schedule – Wednesdays at 17:00 UTC

Now that we have four subgroups, it’s difficult to have just one meeting to cover them all. At WCUS I talked to most of the contributors about having rotating weekly meetings so all four subgroups have their time in SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at each month.

Starting in January and moving forward, let’s meet on Wednesdays at 17:00 UTC, rotating amongst the subgroups. Find your local time zone via Google or World Time Buddy.

Each Wednesday’s meeting will feature a different subgroup:

  • 1st Wednesday – Marketing the Community
  • 2nd Wednesday – Marketing to End-Users
  • 3rd Wednesday – Marketing to Developers
  • 4th Wednesday – Marketing to Agencies and Clients
  • 5th Wednesday (when/if) – no meeting.

So for January, the schedule will be: 

  • January 4 – 1st Wednesday – Marketing the Community
  • January 11 – 2nd Wednesday – Marketing to End-Users
  • January 18 – 3rd Wednesday – Marketing to Developers
  • January 25 – 4th Wednesday – Marketing to Agencies and Clients

and so forth. I’ll post a schedule prior to the upcoming month and subgroups should post agenda items + a link to the Slack backscroll for those who missed the meeting.

I’ll be personally involved in helping lead the end-users subgroup, so I’d love for some volunteers to be present, help drive agenda, and post notes for each of the other subgroup meetings! Speak up in the comments.