Brainstorming ideas/projects for .org Marketing

In lieu of a regular marketing meeting this month on SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at, and seeing as some of us will gather at WCEU next week, let’s brainstorm some ideas for what areas / projects / things The community site where WordPress code is created and shared by the users. This is where you can download the source code for WordPress core, plugins and themes as well as the central location for community conversations and organization. could benefit from in terms of marketing and see what resonates most with the group. Markets/targets: any/all. Enterprise? Individuals? Small biz? Agencies? End-users? Flyers? Case studies? Other materials? All ideas welcome.

Some caveats:

  • Brainstorming is brainstorming. No judging/discrediting/booing at this stage 🙂 but feel free to ask someone for more information about their idea if it isn’t clear.
  • Suggesting an idea doesn’t require or imply ownership. While the marketing group, like every .org Make group, is made up of volunteers and in order to get things done you need real bodies and time to do them, at this stage feel free to suggest a project/improvement/idea – suggesting it doesn’t mean you have to own / implement it, as long as you agree that suggesting it doesn’t mean that someone / the marketing team has to implement it for you. 🙂

Let your ideas fly! Linking to previous idea thread if something resonates with you there, bring them forward here.

The next step after this would be getting everyone to vote on which ideas are the most interesting / viable for the group / members to tackle, and will be helpful for the group on the ground at WCEU as well.

Let’s try to get as many ideas as possible by June 17th (Friday), so we can share / vote on them next week ahead of WCEU.