Hosting Meeting Notes: January 25, 2017

Here’s the summary of the second meeting in #hosting-community on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 1600 UTC (Slack archive).


“Best Practices” Documentation

The current idea is to build a public handbook of the best practices that are generally used in hosting. This could be a variety of topics (and doesn’t need to be a single team).

  • Will probably include things like:
    • Server configuration requirements.
    • Recommendations.
    • Common scaling configurations.
    • Deployment.
  • Need reps from each host that wants to participate to send a sanitized copy of the following information to @voldemortensen (contact on Slack for E-Mail address if needed):
    • Default php.ini.
    • Default nginx, Varnish, httpd configs.
    • What modules you include with PHP.
    • PHP versions offered
    • Any changes you make to default wp-config.php.
    • Any mu-plugins you include and their purpose.
  • Data will be aggregated so it can be grokked and discussion can happen around the differences.
    • There’ll be a Make Hosting blog post on the aggregated data.
  • It was pointed out that some hosts might not want to share all of the above. Whatever they would like to share is welcome.
  • Request for additional volunteers.

Promoting WordCamps

  • WordCamps have an official list available, with a simple API call.
    • Returns JSON with all approved events.
  • has an API.
    • All WordPress meetups are in one single, easy to identify spot.
  • PoC code pulling from and
    • Builds a combined JSON containing events from both.
      • Easy to filter out recent events only, or by proximity.
  • To start, we need a post/page that details what information the current APIs offer, and how to reach them.
    • Where are these URLs?
    • What is returned in the JSON?
    • Link existing PoC tools.
    • @smaffulli is down to do this.
  • Scope is narrow enough that no additional people appear to be needed at this time.

Security Discussion

WordPress Security Czar @aaroncampbell wants to make sure the WordPress Security Team and hosts work together as much as possible.

  • WordPress has a security notifications list.
    • It’s only for established hosting companies.
    • It’s meant to give you a day or two to prepare for any security issues before a security release.
  • Also trying out a channel meant for hosts to be able to discuss security issues, potential fixes, etc.
  • Private message @aaroncampbell for more information on list and/or channel.
    • He’ll give a primer on what is expected/needed from you, what can’t be shared, etc.

Distributed Unit Tests

The idea is to end up with a common framework for hosts running WordPress tests on their platforms. Also, we’re looking to send reports on tests back to .org. This will allow for more complete testing on actual deployments.

  • @jorbin has some posts about it, with some scoping here:
  • @danielbachhuber shared some tools he worked on for Pantheon in last week’s meeting notes:
  • The current biggest need is to have someone lead the cause.
    • The project can’t get started without someone to steer the ship.
      • It doesn’t need to be a host that coordinates it.
        • It’s helpful if someone who at least hosts their own installs.
        • At the very least they should have a testbed for the necessary parts.
    • @mikehansenme, @mikeschroder, @joshkoenig, and @octalmage are willing to champion this at their respective hosts.
    • @octalmage kindly offered to look into defining the method for reporting back to .org.


Miss this meeting? Want to pitch in on one of the initiatives above? Please feel free to drop into the comments and share your thoughts.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be in #hosting-community on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 1600 UTC. If you can fit that into your schedule, great! We’d love it if you could attend. Hope to see even more of you next week! 😃

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Hosting Meeting Agenda: January 25, 2017

Here’s the agenda for the weekly hosting meeting on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 1600 UTC in #hosting-community on Slack:

  • “Best Practices” Documentation updates.
    • Plan?
    • Progress?
    • Request for additional volunteers.
  • Promoting WordCamps updates.
    • Plan?
    • Existing scripts & tools to pull data.
    • Request for additional volunteers.
  • Distributed Unit Tests update.
    • Plan?
    • Existing tool discussion.
    • What additional tools are needed?
    • Request for additional volunteers.
  • Security discussion.
    • WordPress Security Czar @aaroncampbell would like to have a quick chat about hosts and security.
  • Open discussion.

If you have any items to add to the agenda or specific comments related to the outline above — especially if you are unable to attend the meeting at its scheduled time — please leave a comment. Hope to see you there!



Hosting Meeting Notes: January 18, 2017

Here’s the summary of our very first meeting in #hosting-community on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 1600 UTC (Slack archive).


  • Kicking things off by restating the purpose of the group.


  • Hosts should band together and work through things that the core group can never do.
    • Come up with solutions for things like:
      • Upgrading PHP for non-managed users.
      • How we can all generally make WordPress feel and work better for everyone.
      • If core needs PHP module X, can we get enough of us on the same page for core to rely on that?
  • Best practices documentation (see: WordPress Hosting Handbook).
    • Server setups are going to vary, but there are definitely best practices that we can document.
      • Who puts default settings in wp-config.php?
      • System plugins.
      • Standard “default” php.ini values.
        • Hosts should offer feedback on things like upping default memory limits in core. (#29341)
      • Scaling and performance optimizations.
        • The REST API and plugins like WooCommerce are changing how people use WordPress.
  • Promoting and encouraging WordCamp attendance.
    • Hosts are uniquely positioned to promote regional WordCamps to customers.
      • WordPress has great brand awareness amongst customers.
      • WordCamp? Not so much.
      • Knowledge sharing “in your own backyard” is a big draw for some people.
    • Can leverage geographical customer data to promote upcoming local camps.
      • “As a WordPress user, here’s an event near you that you might find educational and informative that you didn’t even know was a thing!”
    • May require support from the #community-events team to help automate it.
      • An API would make it easy to tie into.
  • Making sure new features are scalable on implementations of all sizes.



Miss the meeting? Interested in helping on one of the initiatives above? Please feel free to drop into the comments and weigh in.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be in #hosting-community on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 1600 UTC. If that works with your schedule, we’d love it if you could attend. Hope to see more of you next week!

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