Voting for Hosting Team Reps 2023

All nominations are in, and all nominees are confirmed to take the next step and be available for the role. Now it is up to the community (you) to vote on your team’s representative for APAC/EMEA and AMER.


The voting will occur in two polls as we have different “roles” to fill. You can decide to participate in both polls (What we encourage, as all Team Reps should represent you) or only one. Moreover, please remember that you can publicly bring up your concerns and objections towards a nominee in the #hosting-community channel or privately to any current team reps.

AMER Region

For the AMER region, we have three candidates you can vote on. As we’re looking for two representatives for this region, everyone can vote for up to two different people or only one.


Two positions to fill and two candidates. You have the option to vote for only one or both.

Next Steps

Polls are open from now on and will be closed during the early meeting on Wednesday, 28th of December 2022, 9 AM UTC. Once the polls are closed, the results will be publicly announced, and we’ll check in with the winner to see if they accept the voting and want to become the new HostingHosting A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Team Reps 2023 starting Wednesday, 4th of January 2023.