Survey: Weekly Meeting Schedule

As seasons change, the warmer locations in the world experience longer day-time and the comparatively cooler locations experience longer nights, which brings the popular concept of DST (daylight saving time) into the conversation for the HostingHosting A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Team. Typically countries move their clocks forward one hour during summer and spring, and countries in autumn or winter seasons turn their clocks back one hour to save as much daylight as possible.

The hosting team currently has two weekly meetings, one at 09:00 UTC and another at 18:00 UTC to provide a wider coverage for contributors from all over the world. The first meeting time is more convenient for folks in regions such as APAC (Asia / Pacific) + EMEA (Europe / Middle-East) and the second meeting time is more convenient for folks in regions such as EMEA + AMER (America).

Taking into account that APAC time zones generally do not change times for daylight savings, but that Europe and America do:

Should meeting times be adjusted for daylight savings?

Here is a quick example of the current situation as DST takes into effect in a few weeks (note: some countries have already made changes and others will do so on the weekend of October 24 or later).

The idea would be to apply the changes by Wednesday, October 28. The proposal is to consider whether to adjust to a better time or not (compared to the current local time).

Meeting 09:00 UTC

09:00 UTC
After DST
09:00 UTC
After DST
10:00 UTC
Wellington (NZ)22:0022:0023:00
Tokyo (JP)18:0018:0019:00
New Delhi (IN)14:3014:3015:30
Moscow (RU)12:0012:0013:00
Berlin (DE)11:0010:0011:00
London (GB)10:0009:0010:00
Some timezone for meeting at 09:00 UTC

Meeting at 18:00 UTC

18:00 UTC
After DST
18:00 UTC
After DST
19:00 UTC
Berlin (DE)20:0019:0020:00
London (GB)19:0018:0019:00
Brasilia (BR)15:0015:0016:00
New York (US)14:0013:0014:00
Los Angeles (US)11:0010:0011:00
Honolulu (US)08:0008:0009:00
Some timezone for meeting at 18:00 UTC

Which schedule works best for you? Do you prefer to keep the meetings at 09:00 UTC or should we move them to 10:00 UTC?

For the second meeting do folks prefer to stick to 18:00 UTC or should we change it to 19:00 UTC?

Please feel free to drop a comment with your preferred option for either meeting, or both. Your feedback is valuable!

Hat tip to @javiercasares for writing this post and @chaion07 for the peer review.

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