Hosting Meeting Notes: Wednesday December 4, 2019

This is the summary of the meeting in #hosting-community on Slack Wednesday, December 4, 2019, at 1700 UTC (Slack archive).

@jadonn spearheaded this discussion!

Attendees: @brettface @crixu @fahimmurshed @supersoju @amykamala @redituk @javiercasares


WordPress 5.3 Recap and Retrospective

The WordPress 5.3 retrospective and recap has been published:

WordPress 5.3.1 Development Cycle

The WordPress 5.3.1 development cycle is underway! Here is week 3’s bug scrub schedule.

Gutenberg Updates

Big things are in store for Gutenberg this month, including a number of block changes and improvements! Check out what is coming next in Gutenberg!

WordPress 5.4 Open Call for Tickets

WordPress 5.4 is on the horizon! Hosts, Developers and individuals alike are invited to submit ideas for improvements, features and bug resolution for WordPress 5.4! More info found here.



CloudFest 2020 is coming up in March! CloudFest aims to bring together web professionals and hosting providers to collaborate and plan for better serving mutual end users. More information about CloudFest found here! Check out the Annual CloudFest Hackathon and opportunities for web professionals! CloudFest has also provided a .pdf with more details!

Global WordPress Accessibility Day

The #accessibility team is considering organizing another Global Accessibility Awareness Day! Global Accessibility Awareness Day helps to bring greater attention to accessibility-related issues and projects in the WordPress ecosystem. Any hosts and individuals interested in participating may add their info to this spreadsheet to get involved.

Hosting Team Happenings

Official Team Reps

@jadonn and @mikeschroder have proposed adding @amykamala to the official list of team reps. @jadonn stated this proposal is “in recognition of the significant work she has done this year organizing and managing the team. She has taken an increasingly active role in team organization and running meetings. She already has been acting as a team rep for a number of months now, and [the #hosting-community team] would like to make it official.”

A number of meeting participants stated they support this.

@amykamala mentioned that she appreciates the support and has enjoyed working with everyone!

Feedback on this proposal is welcomed and invited. Feel free to comment here or in the #hosting-community channel!

Meeting Time Changes

A few challenges have surfaced revolving around the Monday 1400 UTC meeting dates and times. While @mikeschroder usually leads the 1400 UTC meeting, the meeting time occurs late at night for the APAC time zones. Additionally, the alternating meeting days and every-other-week schedule has lended to some confusion about what meeting is happening when.

In an effort to remedy this, the hosting team is proposing that:

  • The Monday meeting time be adjusted to an earlier time.
  • Both meetings occur on the same day of the week.
  • Both meetings occur weekly.
  • Meetings share a combined agenda and notes.

Hosts and team members are invited to participate in the conversation regarding what the best dates and times are for meetings!

@Crixu and @javiercasares both stated that Wednesday at 10:00 UTC is a good time for them and their teams!

Please feel free to comment here and in the #hosting-community Slack channel! Keep a lookout for a survey regarding proposed new meeting times, as well!

Next Meeting

For now, the next meeting will still be in the #hosting-community channel on Monday, December 9, 2019 at 1400 UTC. Hope to see you then!