Hosting Meeting Notes: April 3, 2019

Here’s the summary of our meeting in #hosting-community on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 1800 UTC (Slack archive).

Attendees: @jadonn @brettface @kamala @xkon @RonG @Fuegas @clorith @supersoju

New Meeting Time – Continued Discussion

@mikeschroder proposed having two meeting times per week: Wednesdays at 1800 or 1700 UTC and Monday at 1400 UTC.

Please post feedback about new meeting times in last week’s meeting notes post, as the discussion continues:

Meeting notes will continue to be used to sync with. Other ideas for staying synced with two meeting times are:

  • Create a Calendar feed to notify members of pending meetings.
  • Use The Slack channel status as a reminder of when the next meeting is.

Open Call for Gutenberg Users

The Marketing team is looking for examples of great work done using Gutenberg! This includes but is not limited to websites, designs, applications and other efforts using Gutenberg.

If you have such an example, please submit your information in the #marketing team Slack channel.

WordPress 5.2 Projected Release in end of April

WordPress 5.2 is scheduled for release on April 30, 2019.

Since WordPress 5.1, users with versions of PHP <= 5.6 see a dashboard widget suggesting that they update PHP.

WordPress 5.2 takes this further, raising the minimum required version of PHP to 5.6.20. This means that users with lesser versions won’t be able to upgrade to WordPress 5.2 until they’ve updated PHP.

More Details On Health Check

Status updates and discussion being logged here:

The Health Check Plugin version 1.3 (pending release) is expected to include a rudimentary PoC for WP-CLI

More info on how to use the new Health Check module found here:


Miss this week’s meeting and want to know more about anything above? Spend some time in the comments and share your thoughts! OR….Come join us!

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be in #hosting-community on Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 at 1800 UTC. Hope to see you then!