Announcing Beta Period for Distributed Host Testing

Just over a year ago, Aaron Jorbin suggested a simple idea:

If WordPress really wants to do quality automated testing, we need to rely on the people hosting sites to test vs their stack. To do that, Core needs to provide an infrastructure that both encourages and enables easy automated testing.

Today, we’re happy to announce the beginning of a beta period for exactly this: a framework for any hosting company to run the WordPress PHPUnit test suite on their infrastructure and report the results back to

At a high level, this framework is two parts:

  1. The phpunit-test-runner, which prepares the environment, runs the test suite, and reports the results back to
  2. The phpunit-test-reporter, which receives the results, stores them in the database, and displays them in an accessible manner.

We’d love to see dozens of hosting companies participate in this program. Check out Getting Started for an overview on how you can set it up. Then, stop by the #hosting-community channel in Slack with any questions you might have.

Thanks to DreamHost and WP Engine for volunteering the engineering effort to make this project possible.