Hosting Meeting Notes: February 15, 2017

Here’s the summary of our fifth meeting in #hosting-community on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 1600 UTC (Slack archive).

Promoting WordCamps

  • @calebb’s post went live on Friday.
  • @samuelsidler dropped in to encourage us to loop in #meta and #marketing on future efforts.

Distributed Unit Testing

“Best Practices” Documentation

  • @aaroncampbell quickly reviewed @voldemortensen‘s “Call for Documentation” post and published it during the meeting.

Community Summit

  • Work still needs to be done on the “Call for Topics” post.
    • @mikeschroder and @boogah committed to getting something up in last week’s meeting.
    • They’ll try to get something up by the February 22 meeting.
  • Until it gets posted, think about topics you’d like to have discussed at the summit.


Couldn’t make it to this meeting? Would you like to lend a hand to one of the initiatives above? Please drop into the comments and share your thoughts!

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be in #hosting-community on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 1600 UTC. While that may be early (or late) for a number of you, we’d really love to have you join us.

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