Call for Best Practices Documentation

One of the topics that has been largely discussed during #hosting-community meetings is coming up with a list of best practices for hosting companies to follow. Currently, we know that virtually every hosting company has a different server OS, default php.ini values, NGINX/Apache configs, etc. We’re looking to get some of those things aggregated to provide suggested defaults and best practices.

Here is some of the data we are looking for:

  • Any plugins or mu-plugins installed by default
  • Any modifications made to wp-config.php by default
  • PHP versions offered
  • Modules available in each PHP version
  • Default php.ini files
  • Default caching configs (Varnish, Memcache, Redis, etc)
  • Default web server configs (NGINX, Apache, etc)

Of course, we’re aware that some things (i.e. security configurations) may be sensitive. We don’t want those things.

This information will be compared, discussed, and picked apart to determine best practices to follow. Our goal is not to debate which hosting company is better. This should be an objective analysis by involved individuals from many hosting companies and potentially individuals not affiliated with any hosting company.

If you would like to contribute to the formation of WordPress hosting best practices and have information to offer, please contact @voldemortensen on Slack.