Howdy from make/hosting.

The idea behind this community group is to create a place where individuals with hosting experience can collaborate on best practices and tools for the WordPress community’s benefit.

It’s well-known by hosts what best practices and requirements are, but documentation of these is lacking.

I imagine it will expand to other ways hosts can contribute to the project over time (distributed testing is one example @jorbin has been digging into), but will likely start with documentation.

Let’s use this opportunity to help move the needle in terms of the sort of host configuration recommendations (PHP version is one historic example here) that the WordPress community has been wanting by coming together to hold each other accountable.

What this is not:, related to commercial interests, or recommendations of particular hosts.

Interested? Great!
Please comment, or join us the newly created #hosting-community channel in WordPress Slack to suggest what you’d like to see discussed here, and any projects you’re interested in helping out with.

We’ll be kicking off meetings in the new year, so if you’re interested in attending, please note the times/days that would work for you.