@kpdesign has been working day and night to…

@kpdesign has been working day and night to get the 4.1 version article filled up leading up to this week’s release. She could really use some help getting it into shape.

In particular, the Under the Hood section could use a bit of work by folks who have more intimate knowledge of core. These would be people like @ipstenu, @sewmyheadon, @dh-shredder, @boonebgorges and others who have helped out in the past.

If you think you know someone from the core team who could lend a hand, please please point them this way.

Some items may also need to simply be reorganized from section to section. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

We’re primarily working off of two checklists:

Anything checked off has already been added to the version page in some form, or skipped for brevity.

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3.6 Master Codex changes list (in progress)

Since we’re revving up for the 3.6 release and a Codex Sprint, this post will serve as our “master changes list” for 3.6. This list is by no means complete, so leave a comment if you feel like something is missing. We’ll update it as we go. If you’ve completed a todo item, let us know and we’ll check it off for you.


  • Revision Management [ current ][ new draft ] Ref: #23497 (mostly technical)
  • Menus Administration Screen [ current ] Ref: #23607 (Tracking ticket)
  • Menus User Guide [ current ] Ref: #23607 (Tracking ticket)
  • Post Locking [ current ] Ref: This is more of a UX change. Users now have to consciously override the post lock, vs before you could just open something if somebody was editing it.
  • Function Reference update the Function Reference with new functions.


Version 3.6

Twenty Thirteen



Function Changes

  • Strip slashes from passwords sent to new users by email
  • Make sure the url returned by post_preview() is filterable with preview_post_link
  • An arg parameter was added for wp_nonce_url()
  • Allow paths with two consecutive dots to be passed to home_url() and all related *_url() functions
  • Document 7th parameter, $callback_args in add_meta_box()
  • Confirm a user exists before deleting them in wp_delete_user() and wpmu_delete_user()
  • Return WP_Error from wp_crop_image() if saving has failed
  • Bail early with correct WP_Error if invalid post ID passed to wp_insert_post()


  • Pass blog_id to the wpmu_drop_tables filter

Class Changes

  • XML-RPC: Return an error for getRecentPosts (mw and blogger) if the user does not have edit_posts cap
  • XML-RPC: Standardize home/site url labels with core labels

‘needs-codex’ Trac tickets

>> Look for the Trac comment where needs-codex was added for more info

  • #11446 – Show ellipsis after truncated filename in Media dialog
  • #13578 – wp_link_pages isn’t fully functional and doesn’t include require style information
  • #15081 – Search Form should use type=’search’
  • #15155 – Allow filtering of shortcode attributes
  • #16738 – Add filter for attributes on menu item links
  • #17515 – Flaw in add_meta_box/do_meta_boxes
  • #19067 – Duplicate functionality in core: size_format() and wp_convert_bytes_to_hr()
  • #19210 – Add missing filters to remaining link(url) functions in feed.php
  • #19321 – get_search_form() function calls an action and a filter with the same hook.
  • #20564 – Framework for storing revisions of Post Meta
  • #22187 – Add docblocks to wp-signup.php
  • #22885 – Correct the PhpDoc for the_post_thumbnail
  • #22905 – PhpDoc refresh for register_sidebar()
  • #22913 – “Files “”corrupted”” when streamed to file via HTTP API”
  • #23058 – Corrected inline docs for cache.php
  • #23119 – UX Improvements to nav-menus.php
  • #23121 – Correct inline doc return value for WP_Filesystem_Base::gethchmod
  • #23313 – inline doc additions in wp-includes/formatting.php
  • #23325 – wp_crop_image does not return WP_Error when save fails
  • #23508 – Nav Menu Saving: get_nav_menu_locations() can return false, code expects array
  • #23641 – Tweaks to menu management box
  • #23770 – Restore ‘Locations’ meta box functionality as secondary tab in Menus UI
  • #23791 – Missing param in wp_get_attachment_image() docs
  • #24203 – Remove the_title_attribute() from anchors with the_title() as text
  • #24265 – Clean up revision.php docblocks
  • #24314 – Documentation Improvement wp_dashboard_quota
  • #24343 – Correct inline docs for hook parameters in wp_delete_term()

New Functions

Audio / Video




New Filters

Deprecated Functions

External Libraries

  • Update to jQuery Color 2.2.1
  • Update to Backbone 1.0.0
  • Update to jQuery UI 1.10.3
  • Services_JSON 1.0.3
  • Iris 1.0.3
  • hoverIntent r7
  • MediaElement.js 2.11.1 (New)

#codex, #release, #sprint