Summary for Docs Team Meeting 13th January 2020

Facilitator & Attendance

Facilitator: @leogermani

Attendance: @bph, @atachibana, @milana_cap, @kartiks16, @kenshino, @audrasjb, @pbrocks, @WPZA, @aurooba, @ibdz, @nullbyte, @estelaris, @felipeelia, @tomf, @felipeloureirosantos, @marcio-zebedeu

Note-taker: @kartiks16

Next week Facilitator: @felipeelia


Discussion on the Docs team organization in general Workflows

We added current workflows to this trello card -> | If anyone wants access they can approach @milana_cap

For now, we have a few workflows defined. We are missing on reporting an issue: Gutenberg for developers handbook | any dev handbook | docs team handbook | HelpHub content

@milana_cap will add workflow of reporting the issue in trac and link to core handbook for contributing.

@leogermani will add info on DevHub

For Gutenberg dev handbook we have a workflow defined by @pbrocks


@milana_cap started the discussion in p2, all are requested to share their thoughts.

Docs Team Handbook
Workflows and badges pages:

Once we have all those things defined we can add those pages to docs team handbook

Progress of the survey :

@atachibana is working on the progress

Helphub Localization

We have it here:

@felipeloureirosantos suggested that they don’t have updates there so far as well. There will be in the next weeks.

We have slack channel #meta-helphub as a contact point between our team and the meta team to get updates on this and speak with them about this issue.

@felipeelia mentioned here is a meta ticket for that too. @milana_cap will bring some more information on this in the next meeting. @kenshino suggested bringing @netweb to share thoughts

General topics

@joyously brought the topic of Custom Fields article in HelpHub (, which is missing some information on how to diplay the custom fields (original codex article:

@Kenshino (Jon) and others argue that this is end-user docs and should not have this kind of information. It should have a link instead.

@felipeelia suggests to link it to:

@leogermani will make the edits on this topic

Remove paragraph of BitNami in the multisite considerations article

Topic brought by @René Hermenau. The pege mentioned is Everyone agreed to remove it. @atachibana will do it.

Improve docs on Multisite

Also a topic that @René Hermenau suggested, make it clearer that Multisite is a choice that brings more complexity to the installation. A quick discussion came up on how to show pros and cons so people can make a informed decision. @nullbyte would be volunteering it.

Plugins Handbook i18n

@Pascal might be able to help.

Specific headers, this kind of stuff needs to be there, @milana_cap will do that.


Updates from @atachibana : We redirected 314 of 1069 (29.4 %) of Code Reference’s Functions part

Open Floor

@bph shared that we made progress on the meta-trac ticket. feel free to comment,

@bph asked should the documentation for Gutenberg End User have a section for features only available in the plugin? They are future features for Core, so it might make sense to have future features/changes. to which @leogermani responded as long as it’s clear that it’s not available in core yet, and @kenshino mentioned it should only feature Core info

@kenshino shared few small things i.e. He started a thread in the Advanced WordPress Facebook group, if you are in the group. Some interesting comments so far. It is noticed that many people still don’t know that we’ve stopped updating Codex. We ought to talk about WC Asia Contributor Day and plan properly for it very soon.

@leogermani mentioned In the header of our page on we have, under “Want to get involved” a phrase that says “the many Contributor handbooks” linking to our handbook. Shouldn’t it just say “Documentation team handbook”? Also, he thinks the contents of the header should also be subject to a review now that we are reviewing everything and to which @milana_cap & @kenshino suggested that we will alter it.

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Summary for HelpHub meeting 11 March 2019


@milana_cap @atachibana @daveryan @iviolini @kartiks16 @jessecowens @softservenet @dinamiko @nullbyte @kafleg @kenshino @audrasjb attended

Development (Phase 1.5)

GitHub -> Trac: @milana_cap is collating issues that need moving towards Trac. We’re making sure that issues related to the portions of HelpHub that are committed to are tracked on Meta.Trac as patches would have to be provided there.

We also now have a proper slack channel #meta-helphub to discuss HelpHub development.

A regular bug scrub (perhaps once per month) will likely be planned and @milana_cap & @clorith will work out an appropriate time.

The GitHub repository will still be used for Phase 2 (working out code pieces that are not yet committed to and the staging environment will accommodate all code staging work. The repository has also been transferred to the WordPress Team – with the original team keeping autonomy on the repository.

Content (Phase 1.5)

We’re still working on migrating all WordPress version articles from Codex to HelpHub. So far about 90% of the articles have been migrated (props to @atachibana @kartikshukla @jarretc @subrataemfluence and @audrasjb)

The core team has already been using HelpHub to publish release notes since WordPress 5.0

Progress is being tracked via this Google Sheet – while migration is mostly done, @atachibana and team are working on the review and publishing process.

Block Editor Docs

@milana_cap, @clorith and a great team of volunteers helped copy over the block editor docs contributed from the peeps at Automattic (

Existing docs that refer to classic editor will be cloned and new block editor docs will be created and prefixed with -block-editor

  • will refer to the old way of adding new pages
  • will refer to the post WordPress 5.0 way of adding new pages

The old docs will be kept and the new docs will be linked straight from HelpHub’s homepage.

@daveryan will be working alongside @atachibana to determine if there are any more key block editor (Gutenberg) docs to be written. (Basically we should be providing enough information to help people get to learn the block editor)

The new block editor user docs are available here –


@iviolini is taking some time to get familiar with the needs of HelpHub. The WordPress versions require a proper archive page and that will likely be one of the first tasks to be worked on.

Localisation Plan

We’re still working out the technical aspects of the plan. But as it seems, the Community Team requires very similar work done to their Community Handbooks.

So we’re looking at a combined tech approach across Docs, Meta, Polyglots and Community Teams. (We have some peeps from Multilingual Press who are going to chime in too)

@milana_cap is trying to convene a Zoom call to get all related parties together and an appropriate time is being decided on this Doodle. Do fill it in if you’re interested – particularly if you are able to provide technical expertise and time to work our the issues.

You can read what went on in the meeting via Slack logs.

Summary for Docs Team Meeting 18 February 2019

Attendees: @atachibana @milana_cap @subrataemfluence @joyously @Pixelateddwarf

Codex Deprecation (Content Migration


  • On going: Status is here:
  • @subrataemfluence migrated & set transfer tab of 23 Version Pages.


No update.

HelpHub Development


  • HelpHub repository was moved under the WordPress org
  • #meta-helphub, the dedicated channel for HelpHub development was created
  • @jrf fixed Travis Settings error

Inline Docs

No updates.

Gutenberg Handbook

@atachibana will prepare the plan of Gutenberg user docs.

Open Floor

@joyously asked about internationalization of PHP update page
@dd32 explained it at #polyglots to translators:
It can be translated at
and it will be
in case of French. Other languages are the same.

@subrataemfluence mentioned about the lacking of complete examples about Gutenberg development. After this meeting, @mkaz posted
“We are working on improving navigation in the handbook, but there is a tutorial section which has a few complete examples”