Summary for Docs Team Meeting: 09 March Meeting

The agenda for this meeting is on the


@Kenshino (Jon), @cristiano.zanca, @milana_cap, @atachibana, @pmbaldha, @tomf, @bph, @leogermani, @nullbyte, @themiked, @johnbillion, @felipeelia, @chetan200891, @yui, @pbrocks

Documentation License for HelpHub, DevHub

@kenshino (Jon) have chatted with Matt Mullenweg and he is okay for multi-license setup with a specific reason as long as GPLv2 is the default for all documentation across the WordPress project.

CCO provides a more open domain in comparison to GPL. The GPL isn’t necessarily the best for the documentation but it isn’t really explored how that manifests in real-life usage.

Documentation Team members should decide which license will be used. @milana_cap will write the post in p2 for license feedback. @kadamwhite had replied that he was comfortable with GPL for the REST API handbook, but The CLI handbook is licensed under the MIT.

@Kenshino (Jon) strongly recommends each representative for projects in Docs to chime in Theme Handbook, Plugin Handbook, WP-CLI Handbook etc.

Once the documentation team decides then the documentation team members need to place license info into each logical division of our documentation.

Project Updates 

@milana_cap had written the documentation team profile badge page

As per the @themiked@garrett-eclipse had given some updates for the privacy bits for the plugin handbook but no changes made until now.

Moreover, @themiked has said that the wpdb documentation page is done but the PR to update the inline docs in code ( isn’t done yet.

@stevenlinx and @atachibana are working on setting a re-routing codex page. According to the @atachibana, 397 of 1069 (37.1%) code reference for functions pages have been rerouted.

According to the @leogermani, 13 hooks have been migrated out of 255 (3.7%) from codex page to the Devhub. It’s really easy task. If anyone wants to help and don’t know how, please ping to the @leogermani. @nullbyte was ready to contribute to it.

Policy for external linking

It is a very controversial topic. Few members are in favor to put external links and Other few members aren’t in favor of it.

@milana_cap proposed to allow external links by people who are active in team members (no companies) in that specific topic.

@bph said that WP docs should be self-contained.

External links are outdated by time. To monitor them time by time is vast task for documentation team.

@milana_cap will write this up into a coherent P2 post and outline the possible routes the documentation team can go.

Workflow for content change approval

All team members are agree with below workflow which has proposed by the @Kenshino (Jon):

  1. Any documentation project member should be able to ask the project rep for review
  2. Any project rep change (not #1 but their own change) – some other project rep or @Kenshino (Jon) can be the second pair of eyes
  3. Tiny grammatical / screenshot changes need not go through this approval process

The workflow will be tracked by appropriate and transparent communications in #docs.

Open Floor

All project representatives should read the Badge policy that @milana_cap wrote on the @Kenshino (Jon) want to get a consensus in the next meeting.

@tomf will facilitate next meeting.

@leogermani said that the i18n section of the plugin handbook is one is very outdated. @themiked will add it to his whiteboard list. There is a need to redirect the localization/internationalization pieces to the Common API handbook. It isn’t unique to plugins or themes. The Plugins handbook needs a deeper refactoring.

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