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Contributor Handbooks Contributor Handbooks

Contributor handbooks are those which encourage contributions to WordPress the project. They exist on individual sites throughout make.wordpress.org. In fact, this handbook is a contributor handbook!

List of Contributor Handbooks List of Contributor Handbooks

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Style Guide Style Guide

The contributor handbooks have certain base requirements so that they end up as beautiful as intended.

  1. The first header in a handbook page should be an <h2>. This is due to how the “Topics” box gets generated.
  2. Header tags (<h2>, <h3>, etc) should not have IDs. The handbook plugin will automatically generate IDs for each header tag and will generate the “Topics” box from this. Thus, don’t add your own IDs.
  3. The “Chapters” sidebar is a custom menu, and needs to be manually created and updated. That means each time you add a page to the hierarchy, you’ll need to edit the custom menu that controls the sidebar. You’ll also need to make sure the widget is named “Chapters”.