Getting Started at a Contributor Day

This guide is intended to help you get started at a contributor day. It includes a schematic outline of what the group does and how to quickly get started. If you need any help, talk to the contributor day organizer, or ask your question in the #docs channel on Slack.

This is a work in progress, so don’t be afraid to amend the document or leave comments, particularly if you’re at a contributor day and find that we’ve missed something.

  • Weekly Office Hours: Thursdays 17:00 UTC
  • Where: The #docs channel on Slack

The Docs team is responsible for WordPress’ user and developer documentation, in the administration screens, in the Codex, and in other sections of

Group responsibilities Group responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Docs team are:

  • to update the Codex after each WordPress release
  • Codex maintenance
  • to maintain the inline documentation (along with core)
  • to produce and maintain the Theme Developer Handbook
  • create and maintain DevHub (
  • create and maintain the HelpHub (on-going project)

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Current Projects Current Projects

The Docs team currently has a number of active projects. They are:

Codex Codex

The Codex is a community-created repository for WordPress documentation. Anyone with a username can create a page on the wiki, anyone can edit it. The Codex has been around since 2004. There are many pages that require editing, and it requires updating when each version of WordPress is released.

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Handbooks Handbooks

The handbooks are new documentation – the current handbooks in progress are the Theme Developer Handbook and the Plugin Developer Handbook. They are intended for developers to be able to create a theme or a plugin. Other handbooks are planned for the future.

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Inline Documentation Inline Documentation

Inline docs are a collaboration between the Docs team and Core to document the code. There is an effort to update all of the inline documentation in WordPress to make it more useful to developers.

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Developer Hub Developer Hub

Developer Hub has been deployed and is still being improved in various intricate ways.

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Admin Help Admin Help

The admin help in WordPress is the help in the admin panel. The Docs team will sometimes help with updating this documentation. There is currently an effort to create a plugin that will improve the admin help experience.

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HelpHub HelpHub

HelpHub will bring together the user documentation and the support forums. It is currently in the development phase and weekly meetings take place on Tuesdays at 14:00 UTC in the #docs channel on Slack. The next meeting will be at Tuesday, 14:00 UTC.

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Common Tasks Common Tasks

As a member of the Docs team, some common tasks that you’ll carry out are:

  • writers & developers – updating the Codex to keep parity with the latest WordPress version
  • writers & developers – updating the WordPress admin help
  • writers & developers – writing and updating tutorials
  • writers – helping other teams with documentation that they might need
  • developers – contributing to Inline Docs
  • developers – developing tools for use by the Docs team (e.g. code reference, docs tracker)

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Prior Knowledge Prior Knowledge

Prior knowledge that you’ll find helpful for working on docs is:

  • some familiarity with WordPress, though keep in mind that writing docs is an excellent way to learn
  • good English language skills
  • knowledge of theme development for working on the Theme Developer handbook
  • knowledge of plugin development for working on the Plugin Developer handbook
  • for writing documentation, the ability to write clear, concise documentation
  • development skills (PHP, CSS) if interested in building tools

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Tools Tools

  • A local install of WordPress is helpful, though not essential.

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Essential Reading Essential Reading

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First Steps First Steps

  1. Sign up for a account.
  2. Decide which project to work on from the list above.
  3. Once you’ve decided, do one of the following:

Anyone can edit the Codex, but if you wish to work on the handbooks, contact someone in #docs on Slack to give you editor capabilities. The following people are usually around: @drewapicture, @Kenshino.

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Tasks Tasks

Some easy tasks for a first time contributor to get started at a Contributor Day are: