Summary for Docs Team Meeting (15-Aug-2023)


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Find the complete Transcript of the meeting on Slack.

Upcoming Meeting

The next team meeting will be the “Docs Online Contributors Day” as a WCUS followup and would be held on Aug 29, 2023 at 14:00 UTC.

Next week (22-Aug-2023) is supposed to be the Docs Online Contributors Day but is cancelled as it’d the same week as WCUS and Community Summit.

Project Checks

@milana_cap created a new workflow for this GitHubGitHub GitHub is a website that offers online implementation of git repositories that can easily be shared, copied and modified by other developers. Public repositories are free to host, private repositories require a paid subscription. GitHub introduced the concept of the ‘pull request’ where code changes done in branches by contributors can be reviewed and discussed before being merged be the repository owner. repo.

@sagargurnani completed #935 which was reviewed by @atachibana.

@atachibana reviewed #811#934#935. Closed #753#754#759,  and is now working on #760.

@611shabnam is working on #678.

@cold-iron-chef is working on #278.

@estelaris mentioned that there would be a x-post regarding the translation of content in the .org. It will be on the polyglots make blog and if anyone contributes to his local translation teams then he should check that post. There are several issues which are needed to be resolved translation is started.

Open Floor

@cold-iron-chef asked about getting the “Documentation Contributor” badge on her profile and @milana_cap helped her out with that.

@estelaris asked the contributors their point of view on topics for the summit and said that the team would do its best to take that point of view to the summit. Discussion topics can be found here.

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