Summary of Docs Team Meeting Aug 24, 2021



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Where: #docs channel on Slack

Find the complete Transcript of the meeting on Slack.

Meeting Facilitator:  @atachibana

Project Updates

HelpHub content team has started the new repository and it is working well.

New repository to hande issues across all documentation

New official repository for documentation issues created: New Issues have already been reported in the new repo:

Management of the repo:

@kenshino who is preparing

Focusing on how one would use the repo so that
1. Issues are picked up
2. There’s no overlap / repeated work
e.g. I’ll be putting in guidelines such as
– If you are working on an issue, assign it to yourself
– If you don’t have permissions to assign, please let us know you’d like to pick this issue up and we’ll do the assignments

Issue Templates

@femkreations who is making on updates of issue template:

@kenshino :
we can make 2 issue templates. One for current doc fixes, one for doc requests.
Let’s start with one of the following

  • Doc Fix / New Doc
  • User Doc / Dev Doc

@joyously :
Can there be an initial input of a URLURL A specific web address of a website or web page on the Internet, such as a website’s URL, and that is used to choose the correct template?

@kenshino :
It’s a button. It will look like this.

@basilh :
Most of these have not used the template. Will these be discarded and required to use the new templates)?

My failure. I copied opened issues from other repository. We should follow the template and I will do.


Do we need to manually assign labels to the existing ones?

Yes please manually assign for now

Open Floor

@kenshino :
We can probably use one of the meetings to do some triage