Discussion: April 2021 Coffee Break

The monthly coffee break for the Documentation Team is back again!

What is a Virtual Coffee Break

Coffee Breaks are informal discussions taking place in a Zoom call for 30 minutes among regular and new contributors to the Make WordPress Docs Team. We have an ongoing agenda which can be traced back to the most recent meeting summary to help facilitate the process. Currently @sukafia and @chaion07 are volunteering with the responsibilities. We’ve also had @estelaris hosting one the coffee break for November last year. Join the next coffee break and express your interest should you wish to host one.

Since the February 2021 Coffee Break, we had to skip the one for March 2021 as many contributors were unavailable including both @sukafia & @chaion07 were experiencing circumstances beyond control. Now we welcome you to share your thoughts on the April Coffee Break. Please comment below to let us know your thoughts on the Virtual Coffee Break that began during the global pandemic in 2020.

  • Choose the date for the Coffee Break: 27, 29 or 30 of April (intentionally skipped 28 since Wednesdays are packed with meetings😅)
  • Preferred time-zone: EU, US, APAC, etc.
  • General comments or concerns (if any)

Props to @sukafia for the peer review!

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