Docs Team Coffee Break February 2021 Summary

The February Coffee Break took place on the 24th instant at 11 AM UTC timing which saw the presence of 5 contributors from the Global Documentation Team. Kudos to @chaion07 for hosting!

Docs Team Coffee Break for February 2020

I came online at the scheduled time but did not see anyone joining. So I waited and sent a message across my workplace, weDevs which resulted in a few of my colleagues joining instantly.

We mostly talked about how to become a Documentation Contributor and what projects are there to contribute. I tried to answer various questions ranging from the Handbook to the weekly meeting. All contributors were encouraged to attend the weekly meetings.

We thank @atiktonmoy, @thisisyeasin, @reachmazharul & @gtarafdarr for joining the Docs Team Coffee Break. We invite all of you to join the coffee break for March 2021 as it progresses from planning to execution.

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