Docs Team Coffee Break November Summary!

The October Coffee Break took place on the 19th instant with at 10 AM UTC timing which saw the presence of 5 contributors from the Global Documentation Team. Kudos to @estelaris for hosting!

Docs Team Coffee Break for November 2020

We talked about our professional life and where are we located. There were a few hypothetical questions that was asked which brought an instant smile to all of our faces.

Answering questions about our lives

I had the pleasure to put my online photography skills to test that I acquired through volunteering for WordCamp Europe online 2020 by capturing a few virtual selfies with permission from the participants. Thanks to @estelaris, @chaion07, @sukafia, @tacitonic & @kafleg for joining us.

The details and other information regarding the Coffee Break for December will be discussed during the Weekly Meeting for 30 November 2020. If you are interested to host the next coffee break then please let us know.

Thank you!