Doodle for best Docs Team meeting time

Hello all,

I’d love for everyone to fill in their preference for a good meeting time. We’ve been struggling with new schedules, DST and the likes.

I’ve deliberately kept it at Monday and simply extended the possible overlap period that might give a chance for EMEA, APAC and US to meet.

We might in the future split to 2 calls but I’m hoping to start that discussion when we’re through the COVID period and people are maybe returning to offices which affects their schedule.

The doodle is here

I’m also aware there was an earlier doodle and would like to apologise, it wasn’t clear to us if people voted with their local time in mind or made conversions with UTC.

This doodle comes with local timing – (you can change it of course) so please vote. I’ll tally before our next meeting on 23 Nov and ratify the new meeting timing then!