HelpHub Feedback Section – new feature for contributors

At Docs team, we are putting a lot of effort into onboarding process and helping contributors to get started. One of those efforts is a “Feedback Section” for HelpHub (end user documentation).

Feedback section is resembling the User Contributed Notes section at DevHubCode Reference, so this is a comment section but with a difference of HelpHub’ Feedback Section not being publicly visible.

What is it for?

Feedback section is meant to help contributors report issues such as typos, out of date info, missing facts etc. Even though this feedback is not publicly visible, it is not anonymous. The contributor has to be logged in to send feedback. If logged out, visitor will see the message “Please log in to leave the feedback”.

Where is this feedback visible then?

This feature is enabled on HelpHub and all Rosetta sites with HelpHub enabled.

All the feedback can be found in dashboard’ comments section. It doesn’t really matter if you approve them or not so you can use this status system as a sort of tracking issues system.

We hope this will reduce the gap between new or passing by contributors and the team; and mimic the ease of contributing at Codex.

Complete discussion and the code can be found here: