Season of Docs 2020 Projects Move Forward

Google recently announced that two of our Season of Docs 2020 projects are moving forward:

  • Documentation Style Guide proposed by Jon Ang (@kenshino)
  • Improving Article Discovery proposed by Estela Rueda (@estelaris)

These were two of nine possible Docs team projects proposed to GSOD technical writers for vetting.

We arrive at this happy moment after four months of ongoing process and collaboration. Considering there were 49 other organizations participating in Google Season of Docs 2020, it’s a credit to our community effort to bring dedicated technical writers to both projects.

Docs team contributor Atharva Dhekne (@tacitonic) is the technical writer for the Documentation Style Guide project. Milana Cap (@milana_cap) and Felipe Elia (@felipeelia) will be the project mentors.

For Improving Article Discovery, we welcome Diana Mivelli (@dmivelli) as the project’s technical writer. Project author Estela Rueda and (author of this post) Tim O’Haver (@timohaver) will be the project mentors.

Near term, the Season of Docs timeline allows for our writers to get acclimated. By middle September, Atharva and Diana will be fully engaged in their documentation work through November.