Proposal for #docs Channel Extension

*this is a cumulative doc/proposal from the Docs Onboard Team


To create an area away from the high traffic active postings in the main channel that new and existing Contributors can go for assistance and support. Members can also ask a quick question in the new channel. This would declutter the existing #docs channel from error reports and questions, while distinguishing it exclusively for docs related discussions.

The idea is to is to have a combination of:

-On Demand Lists (ie: /newcontributor-tasks, /specific-itemlinks, /handbook-sections)

 *returns info we setup

—>> using Slackbot for the lists

-Live in Channel Support (General Operating/Convention QA, Orientation Hub)


Some ideas for possible naming convention:





At this point, we’ve been direct messaging people and working with them one on one to get started, but this would allow us to have a hub to do so, while information supplied to others could also be of benefit as reference.

Presently, we’ve noticed (especially in the case of new contributors), they tend to get overwhelmed and also intimidated by asking for information in the channel.  We’re also duplicating quite a bit of human effort in the case where we have potential solutions to make this process more efficient.