Summary for Docs Team Meeting: 15 June 2020


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Meeting transcript:

Next meeting

Facilitator: @chaion07

Date: Monday, June 22, 2020, 15:00 UTC

Project Updates

Categorization Project, Alterations Workflow

@estelaris couldn’t make it to the meeting due to health issues. Get well soon Estela <3

Google Season of Docs

For all the GSoC potential tech writers, @kenshino will be replying to any open questions end of this week if mentors don’t get a chance to, it’s highly recommended for all mentors to make direct and public replies so that other scan read and benefit from it too. There are two posts with questions/comments from potential tech writers – and

External Linking Policy – Trusted Sources

We need to specify the criteria for becoming labeled as “trusted source” in order to avoid misuse. Dedicated p2 post is a place for posting all your thoughts and questions on the subject. Follow #external-linking-policy tag for updates.

New Member Mentor Training

@sukafia wan’t available for the meeting. @tacitonic reported that the Mentorship team (@sukafia, @tacitonic, @softservenet) is regularly messaging and assisting new members. Since past week over 60 new members have been contacted.

Monthly Coffee Breaks/Zoom Sessions

The Doodle is still up for everyone to vote for the next meeting time:

Open Floor

@joyously reported that Documentation team’s help is needed in forum’s topic:

@audrasjb proposed documentation for Auto-update feature and re-organising Site Health documentation. There is a Trac ticket for improving support for site health issues on HelpHub. @audrasjb volunteered to work on drafts. @milana_cap volunteered to review the drafts.