Summary for Documentation Team Meeting 27 April 2020


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  1. Attendance
  2. Note-taker & Facilitator selection for Next Meeting
  3. Categorization Project, Alterations Workflow, User Stories (discussion)
  4. Handbook Revamp
    • Homepage Update
    • Deadline for next 2 to 3 pages
  5. Project Updates
  6. Season of Docs
  7. New Member Mentor Training
  8. Tracking Slack Comments
  9. Monthly Coffee Breaks/Zoom sessions
  10. WCEU Online Contributors Day
  11. Open Floor

Notetaker: @makewebbetter
Notes Reviewed by: @chaion07
Facilitator: @chaion07
Facilitator for Next Meeting: @milana_cap
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Categorization Project, Alterations Workflow, User Stories

@estelaris completed 63 stories so far.(ref).

Instead of a zoom meeting, write-up is recommended by @kenshino ref and @estelaris agreed to complete that by this week. @chaion07 also ready for assisting as a supporting hand.

Handbook Revamp

@milana_cap provided a Handbook document – here, this document is not finished as she doesn’t have workflows for some projects, she’ll list once the draft is finished.For the missing ones she recommended “Report in Slack” as the default option.

Project Updates

@atachibana reported on thee-routing of the Codex page to Code Reference for Functions as 583 out of 1069 (54.5%) had been completed. He also felt that it was a considerate jump from 46.6% from last week by reaching 50% and more.!He also expressed his thanks to @stevenlinx, @collinsmbaka, and @immeet94 Ref

Season of Docs

After discussion and to considering a point that we need time to select the project ideas the deadline for project ideas submission was decided as 30th of April UTC 11:59

Recommended format for posting project ideas

Project name: Choose a concise but descriptive title.
Description: A longer description of the documentation work required. Describe your initial idea in detail. Offer opportunities for any interested technical writers to expand or refine the idea.
Related material: if any

All mentors are required to post at least one idea, and we need to choose 6 projects from 12 and 2 mentors per project.
And submit your ideas here before the deadline- 30th UTC 11:59

New members Mentor training

@sukafia shared the link to the working document – here 

Including the tracking sheet for new members  – here 

He addressed that the team is welcoming new members alongside @softservenet @netpassprodsr and @milana_cap to make this happen. (ref)

Slack Comment Tracking

@kenshino suggested this to be proposed by one of the mentors as a project in the Season of Docs.

Monthly Coffee Breaks/Zoom sessions

@sukafia suggested if we can play around with features like Zoom breakout rooms and a few other features that’ll allow us to get to know each other in a fun way. But he wasn’t sure on the scheduling of the coffee break.

He will create a  Doodle Poll for the schedule selection to the Coffee Break and update us regarding this. 

WCEU Online Contributors Day

@milana_cap is going to write a post on WCEU Online Contributor DayContributor Day Contributor Days are standalone days, frequently held before or after WordCamps but they can also happen at any time. They are events where people get together to work on various areas of There are many teams that people can participate in, each with a different focus. on behalf of the Docs Team.

Open Floor

@joyously pointed out that there have been several questions here about the look of the Roles and Capabilities page, and towards the recent ticket that was posted. Was it that the table styles were lost? Did this get fixed? @milana_cap replied that she was on it as it hadn’t been fixed yet.

@netpassprodsr wanted to ask what was needed to move the doc’s page reformat initiative forward referring to the forums page

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