Summary for Docs Team Meeting 23rd March 2020


Facilitator: @estelaris
Notetaker: @sukafia

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Facilitator next week: @sukafia
Next meeting will hold on:

Monday, March 16, 2020, 15:00 UTC

Project updates

@bph updated the WordPress editor article and hopes to do two/three of the missing pages a week on the end-user documentation for the block editor.

@atachibana re-routed Codex Function pages to Code Reference. Completed 39% (417 of 1069).

@estelaris commended @bph for the update on the WordPress editor and asked if there were still missing articles for the block editor, which @bph responded that a few pages were missing among the embed blocks and the new blocks in 5.3 and 5.4. and some are in dire need to updates as the UI changed a bit, but that’s a bit of an uphill battle as they UI will change again in August.

@bph shared the Trello board for Gutenberg end-user documentation. –

@Marcio-zebedeu offered to help in Migrating Code Reference. @estelaris prompted everyone who’s volunteering to help someone to please specify the project/task so we can properly record it in our notes.

Handbook revamps

@estelaris made it known that @leogermani wasn’t available in the meeting due to meeting conflicts but that he will consolidate the changes to our welcome box later in the day and publish it.

Categorization project

On the categorization project, @estelaris said we “must find high-level goals and create user stories to exemplify our goals and to give better direction to those that would like to help and are outside the docs team” She shared a link to the spreadsheet for the project –

@estelaris briefed the team that “there are exactly 172 articles that we need to reclassify and that a group of contributors at WordCamp Vienna had helped to create categories and subcategories that could help but that they’re still far from finishing the project. She added that the new categories/subcategories are on the “Category Recs tab”.

Several deliberations were made on this. It was agreed that articles shouldn’t be repeated, tags were suggested as a way to co-relate articles.

The conclusion was to decide on goals and come up with user stories next time.

Open floor

@netpassprodsr volunteered to contribute to Re-routing of Codex Function pages to Code Reference.

@sukafia shared a draft of the “Extending WordPress” article which he had suggested to be included in the documentation in the previous meeting. He’s to work on it alongside @tomf for inclusion in the Overview of WordPress article.

Transcript of the meeting:

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