Findings in the reclassification of documentation

One of the goals for the redesign of the documentation in is to create a better search. The best way to do it is by reclassifying all the articles and creating categories with subcategories.

In discussions with the #docs team, we agreed that the best option to do this was by working with a group of people that included developers, documentation, designers and content specialists.

Our goals for the working session were:

  • Classify documentation articles in categories and provide subcategories if possible
  • Utilize the already existent categories and perhaps add one or two. The reasoning is that we already have many users that are familiar with it.
  • Think of the final user: new user to advanced user, not necessarily advanced developers  

A working session during Contributors Days at WordCamp Vienna with about 15 contributors gave us some ideas. The results show the following recommendations:

  1. Some articles need a more descriptive title
  2. There are still articles that do not have updated information
  3. Articles should be placed in one category/subcategory, even if the information could be related to other categories
  4. There are unnecessary articles that must be removed. An example of this is the article WordPress Lessons that only offers links to other articles. Once the reclassification is done, there won’t be a need for this type of articles
  5. Revisiting 170+ articles is going to take a lot of time. Some participants from WC Vienna agreed on continuing reading the articles but we will need more people

We are looking for volunteers that would like to help us with the classification and or would like to add a working session during contributor day at WordCamps.