Documentation Team Profile Badges

This discussion is happening for a very long time without a concrete result so far. So let’s try to define our system and add results to our Handbook. This should avoid all misunderstanding in the future, at least for a while.

Things to consider:

  • When does contributor get a “Documentation Contributor” badge? I think we should define this for every documentation team project.
  • When does contributor get a “Documentation Team” badge?
  • Are we going to remove “Documentation Team” badges due to long time inactivity etc? In this regard I think we agreed long time ago that “Documentation Contributor” badge will never be removed.
  • How often are we going to evaluate the state of badges? Every 6, 12 months?

I’d also like us to take a look at our team page as there are people who still don’t have even “Contributor” badge and are listed as a part of a team.

Everyone are welcome to participate in discussion. Please leave your thoughts in comments section.