Summary for Docs Team Meeting 6th January 2020


Facilitator and Attendance

Facilitator: @aurooba
Note-taker: @leogermani

@leogermani will be facilitating next week’s meeting.

Attendees: @aurooba, @bph@atachibana, @milana_cap, @leogermani, @pbrocks, @fierevere, @audrasjb, @kulsumsiddique, @marcio-zebedeu

Docs team organization: Workflows

@milana_cap created placeholders pages in our handbook pages at:

She suggests that we add a detailed workflow on how contributions are done for each project in our team, taking into account one-time contributors that only want to report an issue and dont know how the team is organized.

@leogermani says the idea is that these Workflow pages should be seen as Landing pages where the user will get when clicking on “report an error” (or something like this) wherever he/she is.

@atachibana asks if Slack could be the main channel of communication, but @aurooba argues that this could be too much of a barrier for one-time contributors

The creation of workflows are being organized on Trello in this Card:

@leogermani reminds that we also discussed in the last meeting the need to update our “Current projects” page ->

Docs team organization: Badges

There is a need to define and document how badges are handled in the team. We are waiting @kenshino get back so we can discuss it.


About the Feedback Section:, @bph says it should use the native comments functionality.

@milana_cap says this could be a bit hard. “development is stale because of combined repos at github and svn. also, I have no idea in what state is staging”. She says she is going to investigate it.

Currently, Helphub uses a Custom Post Type and a Child theme, and there is no support for comments in the code. This needs some development to move on.

About the Mobile Menu:, @atachibana says it has been discussed and now they want to ask the design team for feedback. @atachibana will add needed comments to the Trello card.


@atachibana: for Japanese HelpHub, we are migrating them (especially in the Contributor Day in WordCamps).

@milana_cap: I’m having problems with recruiting Serbian volunteers but we are discussing the idea of having local “Translation Day” and try to move forward

@marcio-zebedeu: the translation for the Angolan team is in progress. Soon I’ll be recruiting more people

Common APIs Handbook: i18n

@leogermani: regarding i18n pages on the commons api handbook. Last meeting we were looking for volunteers to update the Plugins Development Handbook on this matter. I dont recall if we found one

We are still looking for a volunteer to refactor the i18n pages of the Plugins Handbook


@atachibana: @stevenlinx redirected so many Codex pages to Code Reference. Thanks.

@pbrocks says there are no updates on the Block Handbook yet.

New readme.txt file for the Developer Handbook

@Carike: New readme.txt file is currently on version 2. There will be a version 3, which will hopefully be the final version. The proposal includes new headers, so it needs thorough discussion.

More details on this subject in this trac ticket: