Summary for Docs Team Meeting 9 December 2019


Facilitator and Attendance

Facilitator: @kenshino
Note-taker: @ibdz

@kulsumsiddique will be facilitating next week’s meeting.

Attendees: @kenshino, @FahimMurshed, @atachibana, @ibdz, @kulsumsiddique, @mukesh27, @ediamin, @fierevere, @Carike, @nullbyte, @bph, @udfibonacci, @felipeelia, @estelaris, @leogermani

HelpHub Updates

@atachibana reported that there are no any movements for HelpHub except new release notes such as 5.3. The team is working on some page of Gutenberg User Guide that was missing.

@kenshino started an idea to do a survey to find out the completeness and quality of end-user documentation. The survey is targeted to go out by February 2020. @atachibana and @bph will help create a survey about all end-user documentation.

HelpHub Localisation

@atachibana updated that there were 30 Japanese Codex pages migrated to Japanese HelpHub on the Contributor Day at WordCamp Osaka.

Common API Handbook

@leogermani fixed some error on i18n page and has been working on editing plugins and themes handbooks.

DevHub Updates

@atachibana reported: Content: 280 of 1069 (26.2%) pages were redirected. Last week was 264 of 1069 (24.7%).

Next week meeting focus

@kenshino suggested about next meeting focus on discussing the Docs team organisation generally which could include Badges, Handbook, Management, or Meetings.

@kenshino asked all contributors who’d like to join Docs team regularly to give feedback to this post ( before next meeting.

Open Floor